Conn Hallinan

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Day of the Drone

China’s Sea of Conflict

The High Price of the New High Ground

Oil and the Pandemic

China and the US: the 21st Century’s “Great Game”

What’s Driving the Simmering Conflict Between India and China

Tipping the Nuclear Dominos

War and Plagues: Military Spending During a Pandemic

India and the Coronavirus

How Austerity and Anti-Immigrant Politics Left Italy Exposed

Turkey’s Failed Gamble in Syria

Irish Elections and Unification

Turkey’s Latest Quagmire: Intervention in Libya

Nuclear Lies and Broken Promises

Middle East: a Complex Re-alignment

How the Saudi Oil Field Attack Overturned America’s Apple Cart

Climate Chaos Descends on Europe

Rivers of Dust: Water and the Middle East

The World Needs a Water Treaty

A Wounded Erdogan is a Dangerous Erdogan

The Meaning of the Socialist Victory in Spain

Turkey: Revenge of the Kurds

Diego Garcia: The “Unsinkable Carrier” Springs a Leak

Europe Confronts a Cliff

Nuclear Powers Need to Disarm Before It’s Too Late

Erdogan is Destined for Another Rebuke in Turkey

Will Trump Really Launch a War on Iran?

“Are You Serious?” Awards, 2018

Lessons for the Left From the Spanish Elections

Iran: Rumors of War

Nuclear Treaties: Unwrapping Armageddon

Is Peace at Hand in Afghanistan?

Syria’s Chessboard

Britain: the Anti-Semitism Debate

Asia’s Shifting Alliances

NATO: the Unexamined Alliance

Trump & The Big Bad Bugs

The Spanish Labyrinth

Iran: Sanctions & War

Erdogan and Turkey’s Elections

The Great Game Comes to Syria

Italy, Germany and the EU’s Future

Immigration and the Italian Elections

A Dangerous Turn in U.S. Foreign Policy

Turkey’s Looming Crisis

Rolling Snake Eyes in the Indo-Pacific

Brexit and a Brave New World

Of Leprechauns, Nazis, and Truncheons

Spain: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Middle East Chaos

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