Dean Baker

Dean Baker is the senior economist at the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, DC. 

Inflation Fears, Economic Policy and the Future of the USA

Do Republicans Distrust the IRS in the Same Way Bank Robbers Distrust the Cops?

Patent Monopolies, Corruption, and the New Alzheimer’s Drug

Inflation as People Experience It and as Economists Measure It

Patent Monopolies, Corruption, and the New Alzheimer’s Drug

The Drug Companies Are Killing People

The NYT Goes Looney Tunes on the Fed

Coming to Grips With Inflation Fears

Invented Inflation: A Big Part of the Real Inflation of the 1970s

Buying Democracy in a Good Way

The US Economy: Progress, But Not Home Yet

Cheap Fun: Job Growth Under Biden and Trump

Inside the June Jobs Report

When We Keep Giving Money to Rich People, Why Are We Surprised by Inequality?

Is Indonesia Really a Pandemic Basket Case?

A Bitcoin Transaction Tax

Job Growth and Temporary Layoffs

Biden, China and the New Cold War

We’ve Seen This Movie Before: Predictions of Economic Disaster

What’s the Difference Between a Waitress and a Private Equity Partner? (Their Tax Rate)

May CPI Puts Inflation Hawks in Feeding Frenzy

Can We Bemoan Inequality as We Push Policies to Increase It?

Patent Monopolies and Inequality

Economy Adds 559,000 Jobs in May; Unemployment Drops to 5.8 Percent

China’s Demographic Crisis

The Booming Economy vs. Debt and Deficit Fears

Debts, Deficits, and Patent Monopolies

Larry Summers is Fretting About Inflation Again

Vaccinating the World, If We Had Grown Ups in Charge

Hot Tip for the NYT on Vaccines: There are These Two Countries Called Russia and China

Why Biden Should Reappoint Powell as Fed Chair, Now

Vaccine Production and Open Source Technology

Inside the April Jobs Report

Biden’s Big Steps on TRIPS: Getting the World Vaccinated

Financial Transactions Taxes: The Perfect Way to Pay for Biden’s Infrastructure Package

Housing and the Rising GDP

CEO Pay Doesn’t Necessarily Align With Shareholder Interests, Even if it is in Stock Options

Biden’s Recovery: How’s the Hopey-Changey Thing Working Our for You?

Tax Stock Returns: If Biden Really Wants to Close Corporate Income Tax Loopholes

Putting the Debt in Context

Consumer Prices Bounce Up, But Fears of Inflation Baseless

Patents and the Pandemic: Can We Learn Anything?

A Vaccine Summit: Taking the Pandemic Seriously

The March Jobs Report and the State of the Recovery

Inside the Economic Bounce

Quick, How Much is $2 Trillion?

Cheap Fun Department: Job Growth Under Trump and Biden

The Debt Whiners: Fools or Liars?

Profit Shares Fall to the Lowest Level Since 2009

An 18th Reason to be Optimistic About the Economy

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