B. Nimri Aziz

B. Nimri Aziz is a New York based anthropologist and journalist. Find her work at www.barbaranimri.com. She was a longtime producer at Pacifica-WBAI Radio in NY.

Smashed Houses, Crushed Orchards: a Trail of Unrestrained Malice

Rebel Women: Past, Present, Future

Nawal El-Saadawi and the Barriers of Patriarchy

The Iraq-UnIraq in the American Imagination

The Nepal Street

Ode to February

Power Games All Over the Place

It’s Funny, But It’s No Joke!

“Myopia:” Moroccan Director/Actor Sanaa Akroud’s Latest Screen Gem

It’s Only a Lawn Sign (Well, Perhaps Much More)

Is Nepal Skirting, Denying or Defying the Covid Pandemic?

Film Review: Made in Bangladesh: A Union Story

Who Will Come to America’s Aid?

Soft Power: Americans in Its Grip at Home Must Face the Mischief It Wields by BNimri Aziz July 11/2020

Muslim Heroines Find their Way into New American Literature

Eight Minutes, Forty-Six Seconds

Have Nepal’s People Managed a Healthy Breakthrough in the Covid-19 Crisis?

Rethinking Commander-in-Chief in American Leadership

Kaia Rolle, Handcuffed and Arrested at 6: How Many More, and for How Long Will This Happen in America?

Being a Democrat, Ugh

Intimacies From an Awful War

The Power of Our Human Voice: From Marconi to Woods Hole

Abu Graib at Home in America

Arab Women at Work: Sculptor/Painter Simone Fattal Retrospective

The Ever Dependable Bully on Embassy Row

A Novel We Can All Relate To

Assange or Khashoggi: Whither Journalistic Standards?

Just Another Spring in Progress?

Snow, Roads, Birds and Plows: Scenes From the Catskills

How Long Can Nepal Blame Others for Its Woes?

Can Nepal Realistically Look to China as an Alternative Trade Partner?

Women in the Cinema of North Africa

What is It About Bears?

For Those of Us Who Believe

How Many More Women Are There?

I Really Can’t Cast Your Ballot for You, Ma’am

Literature Can Displace Anthropology

Morality Tales in US Public Life?

Becoming a Democracy: the Example of Nepal

Why is Tariq Ramadan Imprisoned?

What Remains Hidden: Beyond the Preoccupation With Memoirs of Muslim Women

Swing Status, Be Gone

Sacred Assemblies in Baghdad

Iraq Then, Syria Now

Iraqis’ Diet Fifteen Years After the Invasion

Let Our Teachers Teach and Leaders Lead

Iraqi Landscapes: the Path of Martyrs

Iraq Outside History

What a Pomegranate Means to Me

Margaret Mead: Where Are You Now?

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