The Emerging Manifold Panopticonic Utility of Electrosmog

‘The ability to non-lethally interdict a threatening person or persons has utility in many security and crowd control applications to include several municipal applications.’

— DoD Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program Solicitation concerning Scalable Compact Ultra-short Pulse Laser Systems (SCUPLS)

Where, σ = Conductivity of Material,E = Electric Field(RMS) ,m= Mass Density

Thermograph of a Cell Tower by Stephen Martin.

We, sense of Zamyatin, in the Western World about to go further in to‘Uncharted Territory’ as concerns unprecedented example of ‘the power of mind over mind’ instanced and as incorporates environmental modulation (ENMOD) as technologically facilitated, to say nought of Zamyatin’s ‘glass garden’ (see ‘radar’ hyperlink below concerning ‘wi-fi imaging’), and as to  5G Electrosmog as a quantifiable and demonstrable phenomenon under proviso of deploying ‘specialised metric technology’, this is coming to a nearby ‘theater’ in the US soon– and will be experienced at varying ‘volumes’ of ‘Watts per Kilogram’ and ‘Gigahertz‘ subject to ‘panopticonic’ determination?

That is to say, ‘Electrosmog’ is a Corporately manufactured phenomenon of clear potential political utility concerning the ‘power of mind over mind’ exercised in a theater as of warfare: it is accordant an invisible force capable of being ‘weaponized’ under panopticonic contingency?

First the Panopticon of Bentham as conceived of built by brick, then by click – and now a non ionizing radiation infrastructure under the ‘need for speed’?

The real tragedy being: that there is polymorphous utility to this weaponization of the environment by way of modulation as increases control and manipulation?

The  development and deployment of ‘SCUPLS’ as detailed above relies on the generation of a ‘weaponized electrosmog’ as can be selectively focused, and the tragic fact remains that the human skin can be viewed/abused as ‘arrays of helical antennas in the millimetre and submillimeter wave range’means there can be no easy resistance against  such weaponized electrosmog?

Invisible to the naked eye; without odor, taste and inaudible,  ‘Electrosmog’ constitutes thereby an ideal covert weaponry to ‘Low Intensity Operations’as relies instanced upon the vagueness of ‘electrosensitivity’ (ES) or ‘electrohypersensitivity’ (EHS) as a subjective phenomenon; electrosmog whence so weaponised is as parallel to José Delgado’s ‘primitive’ electrode implantation in to bulls back in 1965 as expression of the ‘power of mind over mind’ extrapolated upon by way of being non invasive; sense that one does not require to be ‘chipped’ as were Delgado’s bulls  to be ‘susceptible’ to electrosmog at the flick of a switch, rather just involuntarily as largely may be within the non ionizing radiation as emanates unseen ,and as beamed as absorbed as to the formula illustrated above?

Consider ‘beamforming’ in such a context, consider ‘DARPA and the Brain Initiative’from ‘the ‘people’ who gave the World Napalm and Agent Orange’? (Scariest hyperlink incorporated  in the above :’Bridging the Bio-Electronic Divide’?)

Truth is stranger than fiction as Twain contended and try as one might, ‘one could not make this stuff up’ such the ‘Panopticonic Potential’ as is almost beyond satire?

The clear political utility of being able to ‘make people hear voices’ from a distance as supplemental to ‘conscience’ and ‘self censorship’ is incorporable in the weaponized environmental modulation as any modern Panopticon worthy of technological innovation demands: the subtle distinction to be made here is between ‘propaganda’ as traditionally externally imposed and as commonly visible/sensible (with possible exception of subliminal techniques) thru traditional Audio/Visual means of communication such as mainstream media – and ‘propaganda’ imposed selective and focused thru new means of ‘ENMOD’ as irresistible absorptionas form of ‘Psychotronics‘?

(Apropos: extract from above referenced solicitation on SCUPLS goes: ‘these efforts were able to prove that voice commands might be delivered at very long ranges but the final prototype was not able to deliver “intelligible” voice commands at 100 meters‘. )

– Should the ‘intelligible voice commands’ not be listened to in this case then ‘thermal ablation’ remains as a means of ‘ beamformed crowd control’ concerning the weaponization of RF (Radio Frequency) radiation.

‘Active Denial’ thru RF modulation remains but to Panopticonic explication, indeed.

The formula given above for measurement of Specific energy Absorption Rate (SAR) can be demonstrated through Magnetic Resonance (MR) thermography.

Thermography is a hobby of these small quarters as the above thermograph of a cell tower demonstrates. There is a certain pleasure in being able to see what is normally unseen as about to be further explored by way of acquisition of additional technology, albeit there a certain Cassandra dimensionality to same.

But digression concerning RF radiation measurement as ‘rebellion’.

-What could possibly go ‘wrong’ with greatly increasing the microwave radiation as technologically facilitated in an environment increasingly deemed as under corporatist neoliberal cultural hegemony to include a ‘surplus population’ – and as existent trends in Biodiversity  continue to explicate the ‘cheapening of life’ by the political and economic system we ‘live’ within?

That is to say, Electrosmog has the potential to be propaganda on steroids as facilitated by electromagnetic spectrum domination such the potential ‘fullness’ of the 21st Century ‘Panopticon’ itself as to innovation; Electrosmog is a potential manipulation towards a ‘censoring of the self’ facilitated as enforced by means few understand but many to suffer from; this as to some redux of ‘panopticonic principle’ as grasped by the ruling few as ‘Oligarchy’ form of ‘externalization’?  (See Keynes quote below concerning the control and issue of currency)

– As to the euphemism which ‘censorship of the self’ explicates: the ultimate censorship as ‘Dumbing Down’ or Divide et imperaof a ‘surplus population’ remains premature mortality. Euphemisms reflect a politics of abuse as has no place in a Democracy?

Dead men tell no tales, so it goes.

Is 5G to be as a new ‘Nakba‘ such ‘sense’ of a potential means of population reduction or thinning?

As George Bush infamously put it:

‘Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we’

The greatest form of ‘Divide et impera’ in a Panopticonis division from ‘the self’ as a skin determined boundary containing autonomous as individual thought within?

To be susceptible and as caused on same basis however precipitate by external force to  be unable to ‘think’  as independent self expresses ‘dissidence’ or ‘subversion’ as individual opinion formulated under ‘firsthand experience’ rendered incommunicadois surely the ultimate demonstration of the ‘power of mind over mind’: in a necrotrophic as Corporatist context whereby such precipitation of sufferance and inequity is  as ‘austerity’ furthered ‘Utilitarian’ Electrosmog generation is as but a tool sense of Thoreau such the ‘turn of the panopticonic screw’, and is potentially but a part of the deadly environmentally modulative tune/dirge being called by those as a minority who ‘pay the piper’; it is, as to potentiality,  a forced dance with ‘them as brung ya’so interceded upon as by Empirical ontology and such the ‘party’ of  military industrial as complex as Eisenhower warned against?

In short, Electrosmog, suitably controlled and manipulated, is the ultimate ‘Biohack’ of panopticonic derivation; it can minimise or remove the ability to think clearly as live independently as healthily; it can ‘supplant’ conscience as to ‘internal commands’ experienced – and thereby further enslave ‘mind’ to the acceptance of ‘Cultural Hegemony’ so defined as to the expedient increase of security and crowd control; Electrosmog represents the antithesis of ‘Enlightenment’ in a political context?

– And you thought it was ‘dark’ now such the technological determinism embraced?

As with the utility of the control and issue of ‘currency’ such the permit,  and ‘hidden forces on the side of destruction’ indeed, Electrosmog relies for its presence and further propagation on an absence of diagnosis or prognosis prevalent in the majority by way of ‘not one man in a million ‘being able to detect as explicate; this to paraphrase Keynes in ‘The Economic Consequences of the Peace‘ concerning what interpreted herein as the economic foundations of a Panopticon so construed and as to hidden taxation exacted – as has undoubtedly been, and continues to be, demonstrated by those ‘Too big to fail?’

First they, as too big to fail, come for ‘your money’ – then they come for ‘your mind’, so it goes?

And if your mind is resistive as subversive to such ‘Cultural Hegemony’ as demands further transfer of resources, then it must be controlled and manipulated, so it goes further?

The Panopticon remains a utilitarian concept of perpetuation accordant of a ‘Status Quo’ to point of asynonymy with the newly realized ponerological significance of:

‘Never give a sucker an even break – especially where their skin constitutes a hidden array of antennas to a controllable broadcast as facilitates psychotronics…’

It is a ‘grand pathology’ as evil to the core and as would yet be ‘beneath the radar‘ –  as the most effective forms of control and manipulation  are, such the ‘con’ or ‘grift’ elevated to the level of a ‘Racket’ as Smedley Butler so admirably defined? (For a sublime sense of irony and as to but one Panopticonic utility of RF radiation, put on The Police’s ‘Every breath you take’ as you contemplate ‘wi-fi radar’ in that hyperlink?)

How ‘electrosensitive’ are we as ‘Utilitarian’?

What is the ‘baseline’ here as ‘charted’?

More to the point as of ‘Eros‘, what about those we care for who may be much younger and more susceptible to the ‘ENMOD’ which the development and deployment of Electrosmog represents to a necrotrophic Oligarchy?

What about the Biodiversity as of insects, birds, trees?

The collateral damage looming on high form of Electrosmog propagation as a ‘Moritat‘ is immense – as at the least millions of leafy trees to be lost are to explicate? (Leafy trees in particularare susceptible to electrosmog, they impair or attenuate the transmission).

For this is what can be seen, alas, thru electrosmog as an ‘Executioners Song’ in a Panopticon:

It looms on high that black block
We judge heartily but pierce
Blood red heart, blood red frock
Our fun is always fierce.
Any enemy of the time
Will bloodily executed be.
Whoever is a friend of death,
Adorn with song and sound will we.

(Is it Brecht or Wedekind to be acknowledged?)

In Panopticonic terms; the utility of Electrosmog is as part of a ‘CAFO’ or ‘Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation’ as entails a modulation of the environment where Biodiversity as much as ‘Ideological diversity’ is limited purposive to a focus on exploitation, expropriation and arrogation as a transfer of resources to the select few.

Most obfuscations of truth reflect, such the ‘plus ça change’ indeed, not the limitation of human comprehension, alas, but the political utility of ‘ignorance’ as reinforced by a ‘hidden agenda’ oft disguised as ‘Philanthropy’ to point of increase in transfer of resources attainable thru corruption?

5G is being railroaded under offering much faster speed in an Industry in North America predicted to have revenues of over 300 Billion Dollars in 2019.

Most people are benign in as much as if they cannot do a good they will not consciously do a bad?

The tragedy of the World as a ‘sic transit’in the 21st Century is that a small minority acting as ‘Oligarchic’ in abeyance of the above morality and as to ponerology have taken over or ‘captured’ such ‘conscience’ as collective form of Cultural Hegemony?

The aesthetical appeal to the small pathological minority as operate a ‘Military Industrial Complex’ as a euphemism for ‘Panopticon’ in this case of Radio Frequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is the potential to control and manipulate as ‘profitable’ – a future article shall detail the technological requirements of same.

Being aware of the potential for abuse and of the pathological pursuit of profit and power as Bakan described it is a large part of the war against the transfer of resources as seems to so manifestly have the objective of Ecocide.

That is mine rationale concerning writing, as well as the pleasure of thinking, apperceived as a major aspect of the gift that is Life.

A final question.

Do you think that history will record Tom Wheeler, FCC Chairman as a greater ideological whore to ‘Thanatos’ or ‘friend of death’ than Dr. Thomas Midgley Jr?

Leaded petrol and CFCs versus Electrosmog, so it goes as more to be pitied than scorned?





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