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Scott Parkin

Scott Parkin, a climate organizer and Counterpuncher, joins Eric to discuss climate activism and the indigenous-led resistance movement against pipelines in North America.

Mike Gravel (RIP)

On this special episode of CounterPunch Radio, Eric pays tribute to former Senator Mike Gravel who passed away this week at the age of 91. The interview was recorded March 5, 2013 just hours after the news of the death of Hugo Chavez. Gravel was a man of principle who used his position in the US Senate to fight against the draft and the War in Vietnam, and who famously used used his filibuster to read the Pentagon Papers into the congressional record, thereby making the revelations about US crimes in Vietnam US historical fact, rather than something consigned to history books. Mike was an anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist though he never used those terms. He cared deeply about ordinary working class folks, and he believed it was his duty to help regular people understand that democracy is the goal rather than something already existing.

Rest in peace Mike. We will continue the fight.

Ramzy Baroud

In this emergency podcast, Eric welcomes back author, journalist, and CounterPunch contributor Ramzy Baroud to discuss the latest Israeli aggression against the Palestinians, the political and social significance of the Palestinian uprising and solidarity movements around the world, and the global significance of what’s happened. Ramzy details Israeli ethnic cleansing, the genocidal agenda, and the importance of Palesitnian agency in their struggle for liberation. Don’t miss this important discussion on CounterPunch Radio.

Medea Benjamin

This week Eric welcomes antiwar activist and founder of peace organization Code Pink, Medea Benjamin, to discuss Biden and the state of US imperialism today. The conversation explores everything from Biden’s role in reestablishing stability for the Empire to the ways in which the US war machine continues its crimes all over the world. Eric and Medea discuss the situation in Yemen, the Biden Administration’s posture towards Iran, the shifting narrative on Palestine, drones as weapons of mass destruction, and so much more. Don’t miss this great chat with one of America’s leading antiwar voices on CounterPunch Radio!

Dave Lindorff

This week Eric welcomes to the show veteran journalist and CounterPunch contributor Dave Lindorff, who is also the author of the groundbreaking book “Killing Time: An Investigation into the Death Row Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal” (2002). Eric and Dave discuss the political and cultural significance of Mumia and his case, as well as the circumstances regarding his case and the misconduct by the Philadelphia establishment. They also touch on everything from Mumia’s relation to Black Lives Matter and contemporary social movements to the importance of political prisoners in the US as leaders. The conversation also explores Biden and the continuity of US imperialism, China as a manufactured enemy, and the inability of the Left to understand China. Don’t miss this week’s episode!

Josh Fox

This time Eric sits down with filmmaker and activist Josh Fox (Gasland, 2010) to discuss the aftermath of the Derek Chauvin verdict, the latest in the struggle against the fracking industry, and the daunting challenge of disinformation as it spurs on America’s fascist movement. Josh also reveals the evolution of his own thinking in regard to capitalism, humanity, and the planet we all share. Don’t miss this great conversation only on CounterPunch Radio!

Ross Benes

This week Eric chats with Ross Benes about his new book “Rural Rebellion: How Nebraska Became a Republican Stronghold.” The conversation explores the rightward trajectory of Nebraska’s politics over the last few decades and the reasons behind it. Ross gives his insights into the mentality, values, and prejudices of the communities in which he grew up with an eye toward understanding how and why they think the way they do. Abortion politics, race and immigration, right wing media and disinformation, and other cheerful subjects are all explored in this conversation about the people of “America’s Heartland.”

Ruth Hopkins

This week Eric welcomes Dakota/Lakota Sioux writer and indigenous defender Ruth Hopkins to discuss critical issues facing the Native community in the early days of the Biden Administration. Eric and Ruth discuss the confirmation of Deb Haaland as Interior Secretary and what that means for Native communities and the policies affecting them. The conversation explores everything from the impact of Trump and COVID on Native people to the false promises of Green energy and 21st Century extractivism to the latest on pipelines and the struggle to defend water and sacred land. Ruth also helps us understand the symbolic and spiritual meaning of water and the protection of water and land. Don’t miss the latest CounterPunch Radio!

David Roth

This week Eric welcomes David Roth, co-founder and co-owner of Defector, a new sports, politics, and culture media project and co-op, to the podcast to talk baseball, politics, and assorted silliness on the eve of Opening Day 2021. Eric and David discuss why we love baseball despite everything that is utterly repulsive about it, the state of labor relations in baseball and the slashing of the minor leagues, baseball as a reactionary white man sport, the infestation of the game by McKinsey and the management consulting class, and lots of other fun topics. Also, they briefly remember a guy or two, talk 2021 NY Mets, and make definitely not slanderous statements about MLB managers. Listen to this week’s CounterPunch Radio…even if you hate baseball!

Camila Escalante

This time Eric welcomes journalist Camila Escalante to the show for an in-depth analysis of the recent election in Ecuador, what it means for the Left, and the latest in Bolivia. The conversation breaks down each of the main candidates in the first round, the allegations of fraud, the role of the indigenous movements and party, the conflicts on the Left, and more. Camila also provides an update on the situation in Bolivia and introduces the audience to the new news service of which she’s a founder. Lots of information to keep you informed on this latest CounterPunch Radio.

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