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Sahar Aziz and Mitchell Plitnick

This time on CounterPunch Radio we sit down with Sahar Aziz and Mitchell Plitnick, co-authors of “Presumptively Antisemitic: Islamophobic Tropes in the Palestine-Israel Discourse,” a critical new report published by Rutgers University Law School’s Center for Security, Race, and Rights. The conversation explores the political and social context for this report, as well as the timing of its release, published as it was against the backdrop of Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza. The discussion broadens beyond the report to explore various aspects of the Palestine issue and its continued central importance for the US and western countries, as well as for the “Middle East,” world politics and global affairs.

Eric Draitser

Eric Draitser sits down with CounterPunch Editor Joshua Frank to discuss the reasons why CounterPunch Radio has been mostly quiet in recent months. Eric details some of his physical and mental health issues in recent months, and the prospects for his return to regular podcasting.

Arun Gupta

This time Eric welcomes investigative journalist Arun Gupta back to CounterPunch to discuss Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza and the media narratives that have emerged. Arun discusses how the war is genocidal and how it fits into the broader trajectory of Israel over the last few decades. Arun also casts his critical eye on the reporting around alleged rapes and sexual violence on October 7, instead suggesting that much liberal reporting on the issue has fallen for carefully orchestrated Israeli propaganda. Arun closes out the conversation discussing why Henry Kissinger’s death should remind the Left not to be so bleak, that powerful organizing can change history.

Yoav Litvin

This time Eric welcomes activist, author, and neuroscientist Yoav Litvin back to CounterPunch to discuss Palestine, Zionism, and the Israeli war. Yoav discusses his upbringing in both US and Israel, his time in the IDF in Lebanon, and the ways in which he first confronted his Zionism and began to decolonize his mind. From there, the conversation explores the nature of Zionism and the Zionist project in Palestine, the importance of non-Israeli Jewish opinion internationally, the necessity of being in solidarity with Palestinians, the centrality of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Movement, Israeli politics and the future of Netanyahu, the role of the US and Israel’s place within US imperialism, the specter of Trump’s return, and so much more. Don’t miss this important conversation only on CounterPunch!

Rashid Khalidi

Conversation originally recorded in January 2022

This time Eric chats with Dr. Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies at Columbia University and author of The Hundred Years’ War on Palestine: A History of Settler Colonialism and Resistance 1917-2017.

The conversation explores the early years of the Zionist movement and how it was perceived by prominent Palestinians, including Dr. Khalidi’s ancestors, and the inextricable link between Zionism, colonialism, and imperial power. Eric and Rashid discuss everything from attempts to erase Palestinian culture and history to the impact that Israel’s rightward shift has had on younger generations of Jews, especially in the US. So many topics covered in this important conversation with one of the most prominent voices of opposition to Israeli policies and oppression. Don’t miss this CounterPunch Radio!

Richard Falk, Matthew Stevenson, and Daniel Warner

This week, CounterPunch Radio presents another conversation between CounterPunchers Richard Falk, Matthew Stevenson, and Daniel Warner about Trump, the nature of Trump’s fascism, the internationalization of fascist politics, and much more. Note: This conversation was recorded prior to the events of October 7, 2023 and the Israeli attack on Gaza.

Rebecca Maria Goldschmidt

This time Eric welcomes to the show artist, peace activist and CounterPunch contributor Rebecca Maria Goldschmidt to discuss her recent article “This Is Genocide: All Out to End the War on Gaza,” and the long road she’s taken to anti-Zionist activism. Eric and Rebecca explore the forms of indoctrination used to inculcate Zionism in young American Jews, the differences between secular and non-secular Zionist propaganda, the use of the term “genocide” to refer to Israel’s oppression of Palestinians, the fascist nature of the Israeli state, and much more.

Ramzy Baroud

On this emergency episode of CounterPunch Radio, Eric speaks with longtime author, journalist, and Editor of The Palestine Chronicle, Ramzy Baroud, all about the war in Gaza, the resistance of Palestinians, and the historic developments of recent days.

Bill Fletcher Jr.

This time Eric welcomes to CounterPunch author, activist and organizer Bill Fletcher, Jr. to discuss his recent writing, his past as a labor organizer, his outspoken position on Ukraine and imperialism, and much more. Bill and Eric discuss Bill’s youth and first exposure to radical politics, his entry into organized labor, his role in helping organize Minor League Baseball, and more. The second half of the conversation explores international affairs, the responsibility of the Left in clarifying political questions, the red-brown phenomenon on the Left, and why so many leftists are so wrong on critical international issues, etc. The final part of the discussion centers on Bill’s new fiction book and how he infused the story and characters with the radical politics he’s professed all his life. Don’t miss this belated, but exciting, conversation only on CounterPunch!

Ilya Budraitskis

This time Eric chats with Ilya Budraitskis, a Russian historian, political activist, and author of “Dissidents among Dissidents: Ideology, Politics, and the Left in Post-Soviet Russia.” Ilya explains his decision to leave Russia in the days following the invasion of Ukraine, and provides an analysis of the early antiwar protests forcibly suppressed by the Kremlin. From there, Ilya provides an analysis of the Russian Left, including the reactionary Communist Party of Russia, and explains the various dynamics at play in Russia. The final portion of the discussion centers around the questions of Russian imperialism and the ideological war Putin has waged on the history and legacy of Lenin and the Bolshevik Revolution.