Eric Draitser

Eric Draitser is an independent political analyst and host of CounterPunch Radio. You can find his exclusive content including articles, podcasts, audio commentaries, poetry and more at He can be reached at

Donald Trump and the Triumph of White Identity Politics

The Plot Against Libya


“Bernie is Trump” (and other Corporate Media Bullsh*t)

Dear Progressives for Warren: Your Class Is Showing

Fear and Loathing at the Pow-Wow

Records Show Palantir Made $60 Million Contracting with ICE for Mobile App

The Art of Trade War: Is Trump Winning His Trade War against China?

Elizabeth Warren Was Smart to Tell FOX to Go to Hell

It’s Opening Day: Here Are Three Political Storylines to Watch in Baseball This Year

On Ilhan Omar, Assad Fetishism, and the Danger of Red-Brown “Anti-Imperialism”

Did Dallas Police and Local Media Collude to Cover Up Terrorist Threats against Journalist Barrett Brown?

Impacts of Exploding US Oil Production on Climate and Foreign Policy

Trump’s Coup in Venezuela: The Full Story

Killing Fields of Colombia and Brazil

AFRICOM: A Neocolonial Occupation Force?

This Website Fights Fascists

Trumpism: The Real Danger of Donald Trump

The Curious Case of Pro-Trump Leftism

How Clintonites Are Manufacturing Faux Progressive Congressional Campaigns

The Political Repression of the Radical Left in Crimea

Enough Nonsense! The Left Does Not Collaborate with Fascists

Donald Trump and the Triumph of White Identity Politics

Dear Liberals: Trump is Right

Syria and the Left: Time to Break the Silence

Stop Trump! Stop Clinton!! Stop the Madness (and Let Me Get Off)!

If Hillary’s Not Able, There’s Always Kaine

Hillary Clinton and the Russian Specter

Hillary and the Clinton Foundation: Exemplars of America’s Political Rot

Ajamu Baraka, “Uncle Tom,” and the Pathology of White Liberal Racism

Hillary Clinton: The Anti-Woman ‘Feminist’

Hillary Clinton and the Big (Neoliberal) Lie

Leaked DNC Emails Confirm Anti-Sanders Conspiracy

Hillary and Tim Kaine: a Match Made on Wall Street

Obama Prioritizes War in Europe Over War on People of Color

Hillary Clinton’s Email Absolution: Two Parties, One Criminal Regime

Brexit Vote and Russia Sanctions Show Weakness of US Diplomacy

After Orlando, Democrats and Republicans Clamor for Expanded Police State

US Bullying Canada to Pursue Anti-Russian Foreign Policy

Obama in Hiroshima: A Case Study in Hypocrisy

Hillary Clinton’s Race Problem

Syria, ISIS, and the US-UK Propaganda War

Hillary Clinton and Wall Street’s Neoliberal War on Latin America

Hillary Clinton’s Support Base as Bogus as US Democracy

Venezuela’s Opposition: Attacking Its Own People

President Trump? US War Machine Rolls On

Turkey: A Criminal State, a NATO State

Venezuela: A Revolution That Will Not Die

Assessing Venezuela’s Elections: The Good, the Bad, and the Indifferent

Venezuela’s Elections: Courage in the Face of Economic and Psychological War

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