Mass Shootings are the Screams of America Falling

Our empowered elites are deaf to the cries of children being killed by other children, and blind to the rights of the poor and vulnerable – vulnerable itself being one of the words Trump censored officially.

America is now a self-wounded giant, angry and entitled, striking right and left in the stupor of her imperial drunk, casting blame on smaller nations to justify invading them for sheer plunder, but always under the guise of bringing them American democracy.

The French used to call their imperial colonizing “The Civilizing Mission”. Only the powerful get to make sacred their plunder and rape.

Moral decay produces ugliness, the kind that no amount of makeup – or charity – can cover.  A society is irremediably rotten when it can watch its own children kill other children and do nothing besides selling more guns for more profit.

The stink of depraved gluttony is everywhere in the world of titanic personal fortunes, so lacking in impulse control they live to strip away the future of people and planet. All that matters in the sterile world of ultimate greed is being Top Dog.

Whatever it takes Top Dog rules, dominates, bites to death anyone standing in front. This is a demented beast, unmoored from morals and common sense, devoid of all compassion. It looks in the mirror and sees nothing but its glorious self.

I have no idea how to fix malignant narcissism perpetrated on a world scale; how to shake some humanity into a juggernaut who conquers weaker countries, cuts their poor people in half with machinegun fire, then creates charitable foundations to send them free Band-Aids along with some Hallmark-card type pieties.

In their yearly conference in Davos, the super-rich can act in a stage production where they get to play the role of being poor. This ersatz contrition is as repugnant as the moral turpitude it manifests, the same kind of fake contrition we see in the Congress every time there is another mass shooting.

Vigils, hope and prayers, then the fiery speeches of indignation with the required finger-wagging, all that is in short order and of short duration.  It’s like a blind reflex, a momentary knee-jerk response to a stimulus. That stimulus is little more than an atavistic wince, a brief spasm of moral conscience rising from a long-forgotten catechism of childhood, too weak to affect present-day action.

The reason we see no change in anything, regardless of how many mass shootings we increasingly produce as a society, is that we’re moved by the ghost of morality. It is a dead thing we trot out in do-gooder pageants that require amnesia to keep us from vomiting, such is the hypocrisy!

The grotesque American mass shootings by children on other children show the world’s richest and most powerful nation in a banquet where the wealthiest humans are eating their own kind.  I don’t know how to fix the debauchery of such immense egos and their fortunes; the viciousness of their untrammeled greed; the intemperate entitlement of moral midgets wielding tremendous power.

Where do we go from here?  We’re facing the abyss of species failure while keeping busy counting beans, debating minutiae, and jousting over issues of local political power. We do this as we burn – literally.  We’re giving Mother Earth a fever, and someday soon before tomorrow she will shake us off like the infection we’ve become.

When you deal with a narcissist, there’s room for only one in the room. America has become so self-centered, so myopic it no longer knows the difference between an inch and a mile. They’re not equivalent units of analysis, but in the delirium tremens of empire America’s power elites are ignoring the universe itself as they look themselves in the mirror, forgetting that Nature is non-negotiable.

Forgetting that the cries of children in mass shootings are also non-negotiable because they are as big as the universe itself.

The insolence of America’s powerful is now supreme, and their delusion that mass shootings by children on children is still business as usual in itself is the clearest sign of this country’s final undoing.

This is where we are now: Ignoring that mass shootings are the screams of America falling.