August 2020

In Denial: Australia, Human Rights and Climate Change

Money Becomes King: University Greed in the Midst of a Global Pandemic

Seth Rogen Turns the Truth Into a Joke

Industrial Recreation isn’t Conservation

What Will Trump Do to the World to Win Re-Election?

India’s Frontline Health Workers Laboring Through the Lockdown

How Software Companies Might Lead Us Out of Our E-Waste Dilemma

The COVID Pandemic and the Housing Crisis

Gassing Immigrants with a Highly Toxic Industrial Disinfectant in Detention

Harris’ Problem Isn’t Her Identity, It’s Her Politics

Trump Holds the Mail Hostage

Meet the Renegades: Michael Hudson

Domestic Violence in the Time of the Pandemic

White Christian Bigotry

Wear a Mask If You Can, Don’t Bully Those Who Can’t

Rental Inflation Appears to be Slowing, Especially in High-Priced Cities

Mining the Deep Sea

The Dystopian Coronavirus America

About Portland: An Interview with Author Jennifer Robin

Eastside Forest Scam: the Proposed Removal of the 21-Inch Rule

The Hoopla Over the Kamala Harris VP Selection Obscures the Many Young People of Color Who Are Winning Offices Nationally

Kamala Harris Represents Everything Wrong with Empty Identity Politics

The Pandemic Has Revealed America’s Zip Code Map of Inequality

The Decline in Power of the Oil States

Alliance for the Wild Rockies Stops Trump From Logging and Burning Another 85,000 acres of Idaho National Forest 

The 2020 Census Will Be a Bust

Never Surrender in Portland, Oregon 

Engineered COVID-19-Infected Mouse Bites Researcher Amid ‘Explosion’ of Risky Coronavirus Research


Trumps’ Coy Snowden Mystery: The Kiss of Death

Venezuela and Trump’s Irrational Electoral Policy

A Letter on Gary Leupp’s “The RCP, Fascism, and Chairman Bob’s Endorsement of Biden for President”

A Sweeping Win for Salmon and Steelhead on the Willamette River 

Jen Cloher – Analysis Paralysis (Live at Milk! Records)

Doug Henwood – Episode 161

Online Education and the Struggle over Disposable Time

Science Does Not Support the Claims About Grizzly Hunting, Lethal Removal

The Execution of Elephants and Americans

It’s a Sick Country

Financing Drug Development: What the Pandemic Has Taught Us

Pick a Cold War, Any Cold War!

Lights! Camera! Kill! Hollywood, the Pentagon and Imperial Ambitions.

Zombie Legislation: the Latest Misguided Wildfire Bill

The Meaning of the Battle of Salamis

We Do Not Live in the World of Before

Trump’s Plan: Gut Social Security, Bankrupt the States

Roaming Charges: It Had to be You

Can Lebanon be Saved?

How the Guardian Betrayed Not Only Corbyn But the Last Vestiges of British Democracy

The World Bank’s Poverty Illusion