Howard Lisnoff

Howard Lisnoff is a freelance writer. He is the author of Against the Wall: Memoir of a Vietnam-Era War Resister (2017).

Protesting the War in Afghanistan: We Finally Gave Up

Madness in the Middle of the Night on I-95

The Insanity of Militarism From McCain to Flynn and Biden

Crackdowns in Washington Square Park, Then and Now

The Streets Are Empty

The Anti-Abortion and Anti-Woman Movement Has Been Very Effective

The Myth of the Self-Hating Jew

The Faux Civics Lesson

Magical Thinking 

Too Personal a Tale

Averting One’s Eyes

What We Got in Biden

One Flew Over the US

When It Seemed as If the World Took Notice

How Are They Going to Come at Us?

At the End of the Barrel of a Gun: From Voluntown, Connecticut to D.C.

What It Meant to be Conflicted During the Vietnam War

The Takeout Society 

Nostalgia, Protest and a 9/11 Everyday

Children Dancing Hate Away 

Saturn Devours His Own

The US Still Penalizes Thousands of Veterans

Crashing Against the Glass Ceiling

The Man From Central Casting

Deep Pockets: Funding the Arts During the Pandemic

Adrift Amid the Right-Wing Obscenity

So Long, Sister Ardeth Platte, Anti-Nuclear Activist

Fascism is Breathing Down Our Necks in the US

Twelve Years in a Town that Supported Trump 

Teaching During a Pandemic

The Spoils of War: Sexual Entitlement

Death and Loathing Are on the Ballot

The Number of Homeless People is About to Skyrocket

A Temporary Respite From the Shit This System Peddles

Celebrity, War, and Presidential Elections

The 2020 Census Will Be a Bust

Revolutionaries Living in a System of Growing Fascism

The ACLU Has Never Done a Damn Thing for Me

A Symbol of Hate

Outside the Clinic Doors

Remembering the Nuclear Freeze Movement and Its Futility

The Long Goodbye to Organized Religion

Try to Get Published; Try to Be Heard

A Student Murdered in Cold Blood and a Kids’ Bike Ride Through Queens, New York

Nonviolent and Violent Protest

Is the Pandemic Creating a Resurgence of Unionism? 

If a Covid-19 Vaccine is Discovered, It Will be a Boon to Military Recruiters

Staying Above Water During the Pandemic

Nothing Left

Online Education in a Time of Grave Danger

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