August 2020

About My “Facilitation of, and Collaboration with, Fascism”

The Burden of the Debt: Lessons for Team Biden

An Open Letter to Strobe Talbott

Whatever Happened to the Green New Deal?

Infomercial Over: Not Good, But It Could Have Been A Lot Worse

The Black Led “Defund the Police” Movement Wins Great Breakthrough in Los Angeles: An Organizer’s Interpretation

How Israel Wages War on Palestinian History

A Virtual Cinema Potpurri

Steve Bannon is Arrested for Nonprofit Fraud After Using an Octopus of Nonprofits to Help Elect Trump

Torch Songs for Joe

Lesser Evil is Still Evil

‘Palestine is Still the Issue’: UN Vote Exposes, Isolates Canada

Trump’s Child’s Glossary of Insults

Dragonfly Mosquito Control

War, Peace and the Democrats

Marquee Moon – LUNA

Twelve US Billionaires Have a Combined $1 Trillion

Torturing Assange: An Interview with Andrew Fowler

Battling “The Empire” of Gang Green Collaborators, Timber Industry, and Trump’s Forest Service in the North Cascades

On Vacation. No Internet. No News.

Giants and Warriors Workers Fight Back

Woe to the Powerless! Once Again Palestinians Are Paying the Price

Donald Trump is Losing His Tech War with China and Doesn’t Even Know It

Prague’s Fights Over Kundera: Biography From the Files of the Secret Police

When It Comes to Trump v. Biden Yoga Berra is Right: It Ain’t Over Till it’s Over

Trump’s Disgraceful Assault on the Post Office

A Note on Lost GDP During the Shutdown

Celebrity, War, and Presidential Elections

Bring Back Affirmative Action to UC Berkeley

Hands off Lebanon: Macron’s Self-serving ‘New Pact’ Must Be Shunned

Before Kamala Harris, There Was Charlotta Bass

On Capital Punishment

World Bank’s Rating Obsession Will Negate Debt Justice

Trump’s War on the Post Office and the Census Bureau

The Simple Fix For Corporate Income Tax: Tax Stock Returns

Pandemic Panhandling

Defecting From Trump’s GOP

Dalí and the Marx Brothers: The Mirror Scene that Crashed

The Terrorizing Simultaneity of Bounty

Mayor Keller’s Killer Cops: An Assessment of Court-Ordered Police Reform in Albuquerque

A Moment of Reckoning for Greed on the Gridiron

Greenland Succumbs

Foiled in the Security Council: The United States, Extending Arms Embargoes and Iran

Minsk as a Rival of Geneva? No! No! and No!

Will There Ever be Elections Again in Bolivia?

A Child of Drought: On Climate Resilience, Community, and Love

The Basic Case for a Wealth Tax

Needed: Indicators for Measuring Injustice and Societal Decay

Don’t be Hoodwinked by Trump’s UAE-Israel “Peace Deal”

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