August 2020

Echo Chamber Politics

A New Republic

COVID-19 and the Nakedness of the Corporate University

‘People of the Cave’: Palestinians Take Their Fight for Justice to the Mountains

Why Courts Across the World are Ruling That the Gig Economy is Paving the Road to Serfdom

The Architecture of Surveillance in Northern Virginia

Trump’s Cold War with China is Heating Up

How the U.S. Can Support Developing Countries Fighting COVID… for Almost Nothing

RIP, Justin Townes Earle – Harlem River Blues

From Protecting Voting Rights to Honoring Veterans, The Post Office Is An Essential Service

Operation Legend in Albuquerque is Not What Anyone Says It Is

African Asylum Seekers Jailed in Louisiana Stop Eating in Protest

President Trump, Child-Trafficker-in-Chief

Should We be More Worried About the Economy?

The Toll of Capitalism

The Spanish State’s “Nationalization” of Clinics Resembles Privatization

Democratic Convention: New Faces, Similar Policies

The Arithmetic of Avarice

40 Acres and a Mule: the Plight of Black Farmers

Socialist or Capitalist: What is China’s Model, Exactly?

Bidding for Reelection Amid Crisis and Fear

Thanks, Obama: You Lie

On the Portland Beating: The Ubiquity of Phones is Arresting

How to Rig an Election: an Interview With Greg Palast

The Fox is Still in the Henhouse at the Post Office

Joe and Kamala’s Big Ideah: A Children’s Illustrated

Colleges Remain Unchartered Territories

What Portland Protesters Think of the Feds

Anything to Salvage From the Trump Nightmare?

Still Triangulating After All These Years

How “Defund the Police” was Blocked in Minneapolis

Only Medicare For All Can Beat Covid

Ending the School to Prison Pipeline

Save the US Postal Service and Defend the Vote!

The Manchurian Candidate in 2020

Two Great Writers Meet: Chekhov and Tolstoy

An Open Letter to Strobe Talbott

The “Great” Reopening: Setting America’s Public Schools Up to Fail

China and the US: the 21st Century’s “Great Game”

The Black Led “Defund the Police” Movement Wins Great Breakthrough in Los Angeles: An Organizer’s Interpretation

Infomercial Over: Not Good, But It Could Have Been A Lot Worse

Whatever Happened to the Green New Deal?

How Israel Wages War on Palestinian History

The Day After Election Day

Which Side Are You On?

Roaming Charges: Conventional Weapons at the DNC

About My “Facilitation of, and Collaboration with, Fascism”

Marquee Moon – LUNA

War, Peace and the Democrats

Trump Isn’t the Worst President, But He is the Most American