Eve Ottenberg

Eve Ottenberg is a novelist and journalist. Her latest book is Birdbrain. She can be reached at her website.

Biden Gives Pregnant, Nursing and Postpartum Mothers a Pass

Republican Reich or GOP Clown Car? The 2024 Race Heats Up Early

Suing to End Autocracy

Native Genocide, Native Liberation

Bombing Afghanistan After the Troops are Gone

Julian Assange Rots in Jail as U.S. Slaughters First Amendment

Biden’s Broken Promises Spell Hard Times Ahead

Lies About January 6

Companies Paying Starvation Wages Whine That Workers Aren’t Interested

They’re Crazy Down in Florida

War and More War

Floating Graveyards: Let’s Not Revive the Cruise Industry

The “Kill a Leftist” Law

Incarcerating Innocents and Migrants in the U.S.

Biden’s Commission on the Supreme Court and Breyer’s Tenure

Life After Covid, as the U.S. Competes with China

Ending Fracking by 2035

The Judicial Persecution of Steven Donziger

A Feminist Revolt

Desperate at the Border

How America Got the Vapors…Over ANTIFA

Leaving Afghanistan by May 1? Alas, Not Likely

What the Ecuadoran Elections Mean for the U.S.

American Gulag

Better News on the Climate

The Atrocious Prosecution of Julian Assange

Bernie on the Budget Committee

About Those Executive Orders…

How Washington Rules the World

Homegrown Fascists

Here We Go Again: Botching the Vaccine Rollout

The Aftermath of the George Floyd Rebellion

The U.S. and Yemen: Will Biden End the Nightmare?

Americans are Broke and Hungry, as Politicians Have Sat on Their Hands

Who Will Be Labor Secretary?

Ending America’s Forever Wars

Maduro’s Government and the Left

Pandemic and Presidential Recriminations

Covid Ignoramuses

U.S. Foreign Policy is a Failure, Whoever’s President

Industrial Food Production and the Pandemic

The Scourge of Herd Immunity

How Trust in a Covid Vaccine Eroded

Fascism’s Twisted Take on Climate Change

How the U.S. Military Deformed Science

Provocation on the High Seas: U.S. Naval Adventures Near the Shores of Russia, China and Iran

Surprise! Still No Economic Relief from Washington

Trump Tries to Change the Subject From Covid to Violence

The Latest Covid Testing Sabotage

The COVID Heroism of Cuban Doctors

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