Patrick Cockburn

Patrick Cockburn’s past columns can now be found at The I. Patrick Cockburn is the author of War in the Age of Trump (Verso).

The West Wants to Engage Russia and China on the Climate Crisis While Also Demonising Them – It Won’t Work

The CIA Plot to Kidnap or Kill Julian Assange in London is a Story that is Being Mistakenly Ignored

Britain Will Never be Taken Seriously with a Genuine Charlatan as Prime Minister

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By Letting Saudi Arabia Off the Hook Over 9/11, the US Encouraged Violent Jihadism

American Failure: Washington’s Doomed New Way of Waging War

The Taliban will Escape Pariah Status by Posing as the Enemy of ISIS

The Taliban May Pretend to Show Moderation, But the Murderous Reality is Far Different

The US and UK Got Things So Wrong in Afghanistan Because They do Not Understand the Afghan Way of War

The Choice Facing Afghans: Do a Deal With the Taliban or Flee

It is Government Weakness, Not Taliban Strength, That Condemns Afghanistan

Britain is Sleazier and More Corrupt, But the Pandemic is Only Partly to Blame

The Fall of Tunisia, Last of the Arab Spring Nations

Boris Johnson is a Comic Operate Prime Minister, Whose Antics Have Killed Tens of Thousands

The Greatest Threat to Britain Isn’t China or Russia, It’s Boris Johnson

The Forever War in Afghanistan is Far From Over

The UK Government is Launching a Multi-Front Attack on Freedom of Expression in the Name of National Security

Into the Quagmire with Donald Rumsfeld

Gunboat Diplomacy will not Revive Britain’s Fading Power, Whatever Boris Johnson Thinks

The Republican Party has Turned Fascist and is Now the Most Dangerous Threat in the World

The Rise and Fall of Netanyahu

Britain is a Parasite on Other Countries

Forget the Peace Process, the Focus Now Should be on Restoring Civil Rights to Palestinians

From the Somme to COVID, the Deadly Toll of Bad Leadership

The Gaza Conflict Has Shown That the Trump-Netanyahu Policy has Utterly Failed

Biden’s Timid Gaza Intervention Won’t Count for Much But US Reaction Against Israel has Changed Significantly

Israel is Making the Same Errors as Britain did Over Northern Ireland 50 Years Ago

Biden Can’t Avoid the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Pursuit of National Liberty Should not be Handed Over to Toxic Populists and Demagogues

Britain Risks Cementing in Power a Corrupt and Incompetent Government in Undeserved Gratitude for the Vaccine

Focusing Purely on Injustices in China and Russia with a Cold War Mindset Damages Human Rights Everywhere

Britain on the Road to Kleptocracy

The Return of Northern Ireland as the Most Dangerous Open Wound in British Political Life

The UK’s Race Report has Fueled the Controversy It was Supposed to Lay to Rest

The Delusions of High-Tech Warfare

The War of Hunger is Taking Over From the War of Guns…and All Syrians are the Victims

Test and Trace is the Dead Elephant in the Room

The Internal Feud That May Doom Scottish Nationalism

ISIS and the UK: the Case of Shamima Begum

Capitol Riots Were a Dark Day for American Journalism

The Arab Spring Failed But the Rage Against Misery and Injustice Continues

The Clash Between the UK and EU Over Northern Ireland is a Precursor to Confrontations That will Last Decades

Why the Scottish Independence Movement May be Difficult to Stop

The Political Fallout From the Capitol Hill Invasion May Prove More Significant Than 9/11

Government Mistakes Provided the Breeding Ground for the Mutant Virus, Which it is Now Using as an Alibi for Its Failures

Will a Calamitous Week End Trump’s Grip on the Republican Party?

What Assange’s Victory Really Means

The UK is Out of the EU, But the Balance of Power in Europe has Tipped Permanently Against It

COVID-19 Learns From Experience, Unlike Boris Johnson and His Crew

Boris Johnson is as Incompetent as General Haig at the Somme: the Price is 50,000 Unnecessary Deaths This Year