Kenn Orphan

Kenn Orphan is an artist, sociologist, radical nature lover and weary, but committed activist. He can be reached at

A Ten Minute Joyride: Capitalism’s Endgame and a Radical Imagination for the Future

In the End, It’s the Embrace That Matters Most

Defending the Shame of Apartheid

The Spotlight on Israel Apartheid Must Not Fade

How the Pandemic Laid Bare the Cruelties of Capitalism

Humans, Nature and the Illusion of Separateness

The Amazon Chernobyl is a Warning for Us All

Limbaugh and the Echoes of Hatred

Corporate Decision

Warnings From Weimar

When the Symptom Has Been Removed, But the Disease Remains

Trump Was Never the Real Problem

A Plastic-Coated World

RBG and America’s Priestly Class

American Imperialism and the Murder of Jennifer Laude

Fascism and the Quickening of History

The Empty Theater

We Do Not Live in the World of Before

The Tactics of Terror in Portland

Running the World, Since 1776

George Floyd and Casting Shadows

The Sadism of American Power

A Pandemic and a Plague of Absurdity

Portent of Pandemic

The Message of COVID-19

The Ruling Class Will Stop at Nothing

Towards Zero Hour

Missiles, Lies and Assassinations

As the World Burns, the Powerful Go on Holiday

The Language of Erasure

The Myth of the Scandal-Free Presidency

One Warm Day in September: the Climate Strike and Its Meaning for Activism

Apartheid Had Always Been the Plan

The War on Indigenous People is a War on the Biosphere Itself

Stranger Things, Stranger Times

Now We Know

Normalizing Atrocity

Angst and Madness at the End of Empire

The Belligerence of Empire

We Are All Sandra Bland

To Be Hopeful in Bad Times

Social Media and the Society of the Spectacle

Notre Dame: We Have Always Belonged to Her

A Land Uncharted: the Persecution of Julian Assange

Madonna Plays Apartheid

Grieving in the Anthropocene

The Blindness of Empire

The Global Assault on Indigenous Peoples

The Banality of Empire

Greenwashing the Climate Catastrophe

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