John Feffer

John Feffer is the director of Foreign Policy In Focus, where this article originally appeared.

The Global Right Wing’s Bizarre Obsession With Pedophilia

We’d Better Control Machines Before They Control Us

The Politics of American Protest, With a North Korean Twist

Why is Biden’s Foreign Policy So Conventional?

Iran’s Hardliners are Back, Too

Building the World Back Better

Twilight of the Pandemic?

The Pitfalls of US-South Korea Economic Cooperation

Democracy on the Precipice?

They’re Not Conservatives, They’re Extremists

Netanyahu Soldiers On

What’s Up With the Herd?

America Hacks Itself

Afghanistan’s Green Future?

The Spread of Global Hate

International Law Uncanceled: Biden Lifts Sanctions Against ICC, But It’s Not Enough

Is the Long War Finally Ending?

How Biden Looks at the World

China and the Perils of Bi-Partisanship

The Talented Mr. Bin Salman

The Odyssey of An Wei, the Forest Gump of China

The Claudius Presidency?

The Unreliable Superpower

Russia: A New Start?

What Explains COVID’s East-West Divide?

The Future of U.S. Democracy Promotion

The Fall of Trump

America and the Mob

Biden’s Approach to North Korea and the NPT Option

America’s Destructive Denialisms

Who Needs Zombies When We Have Republicans?

There’s No Returning to Normal After Trump

America Rejoins the World?

U.S. Democracy: the Four-Year Rule?

A Pandemic Pivot

America’s New Policy of Demoting Democracy

Nukes and North Korea: a New Direction

The Mobster-in-Chief

America’s Global Reputation Isn’t Bouncing Back Anytime Soon

Trump’s Scorched-Earth Policy

Trump and the Troops

How Trump Will Try to Win the Election

Memo to the Next President

COVID-19 and the Future of Autocrats

What Will Trump Do to the World to Win Re-Election?

America’s Multiple Infections

The Pandemic Reveals a Europe More United Than the United States

How Covid-19 Could Upend Geopolitics

Feds Attack! Trump’s Paramilitaries Invade American Cities

Okinawa: Will the Pandemic Transform U.S. Military Bases?

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