Joseph Natoli

Joseph Phillip Natoli’s The New Utrecht Avenue novel trilogy is on sale at Amazon. Time is the Fire ended what began with Get Ready to Run and Between Dog & Wolf. Humour noire with counterpunches. .

Words Written at 80

The Speech of Robots

Civics 1.1: Structures of Feeling

Sharp Transformations

Full Disclosure

What is on the Horizon?

Death & Distractions


Right Now: The New Year

Trying to Repair a Room in a House Still Burning

Rules of Engagement

The 77/72* Phenomenal World Divide

Nothing Sacred

The Final Stampede

Fractal Sites of Resistance

Our Territory is Fractal, Our Mapping Hyperreal

Fractal Politics 2.1

Something Far Out of the Norm is Liable to Happen

What to Expect in Trump’s America

Clear Markers and Dark Delusions

Anything to Salvage From the Trump Nightmare?

What Trump and the Republican Party Teach Us

American Failures: August, 2020

Law & Order vs. Anarchy, Personal Freedom vs. Medical Science

Dark Army of Enablers

Drawn Away from Reality in Plain View

Racism Baked In

Defunding the Paradigm

Ubu Orange

Conditions Close at Hand

Will Things Fall Apart Now or in November?

Who’s in a Catch-22?

Probabilities of Change


The Pataphysics of Pandemic

Prezdemic: Lines written in Quarantine

A Machine to Beat President Trump

Dispelling the Darkness

Vichy Democrats vs. the Master Voice

Will There Be No Retribution?

The Muck We’re In

Who’s Speaking?

Resolutions and Obstacles/2020

What Plutarchy Nurtures

Divisiveness and Beyond

Equally Determined: To Impeach/To Support

What We Must Do

The Self-Unravelling Trump Cannot Avoid

In the Looming Shadow of Civil War

The Dialogue of Divisiveness