August 2020

Ending the Civil War

The NBA and Black Lives Matter

Wild Poliovirus Eradicated in Africa; Rejoice!

We Gawk at Nonsense Political Theater While the Real Enemies Go Unnoticed

The Israel-UAE Agreement: Good for a Few, Bad for Most

William Perry Pendley Must Go


Race, Class, and the True Roots of American Inequality

Class Reductionism and Environmental Racism

Black Lives Don’t Matter (To Congress)

Kenosha Unsurprising

The Revolutions of Hurricanes

RNC: None Shall Sleep

It’s Time for a Pandemic Wealth Tax on Billionaires’ Windfall Gains

A Temporary Respite From the Shit This System Peddles

What Good are Police on Patrol? An Analysis of Traffic Enforcement in Albuquerque

A Republican Pledge of Allegiance

Belarus’s Options in the Midst of a Color Revolution

Some Dare Call It Treason

The New Charlatans

Seattle’s High-End Wage Tax and Taxing Stock Returns

Why Cuban Doctors Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize

It is Time to Create a New Equitable, Ecologically-Aware Forest Service 

The Sturgis and Standing Rock Protests

Free Speech Be Damned: Joshua Krook and the Australian Public Service

The Democrats and the Agenda Test

The Annus Horribilis of the Anus Horribilis

Pharrell Williams – Entrepreneur

Can Language Help Us Heal?

China and the Decline of US Power

How a Day’s Delay in the Mail Could Re-Elect Trump

Permitted Unlawfulness: The New Zealand Coronavirus Lockdown

COVID-19 Changed Work in Germany

Let’s Expand Rooftop Solar, Not Prevent It

How to Remember a Feminist Movement That Hasn’t Ended

The USA: Global Leader in Election Interference Abroad and Now at Home

MIrror, Mirror Politics in Germany

Sanders’ Inadequate Pandemic Wealth Tax Proposal

What the President Continues to Say (About The Plague)

Notes From the Great Democratic Infomercial

Robot Generals Will They Make Better Decisions Than Humans…Or Worse?

Could We Slide into the Abyss Like Germany in 1933?

Jackie Fielder – Episode 162

Mumbai’s Homeless: “Our Masks Floated Away”

Trumpism, Where Does It Go From Here?

With COVID-19 Under Control, Cuba Launches New Economic Battle

Syria Faces Calamity as Trump’s New Sanctions Combine With Surging Coronavirus

DARPA, Operation Warp Speed, and the Covid-19 Ka-ching Ahead

Echo Chamber Politics

How the U.S. Can Support Developing Countries Fighting COVID… for Almost Nothing