The Ex-Terr GooGoo Eyes “The Russkies Did it!” Plot

The Ex-Terr GooGoo Eyes “The Russkies Did it!” Plot

The Ex-Terr saucer folk
Thought they’d have fun
By floating a balloon Yolk
Painted with GooGoo Eyes
From one of their ships

To Startle the masses from the Skies
Ahh, how it worked, alas!
How it freaked out the Mass!
Who flooded Social Media
And pages on Wikipedia

Till the Gummint was so frightened
They stationed Nukes o’erhead
And the Ex-Terrs themselves
Grew fearful with dread

So they plotted a scheme
To blame GooGoo Eyes
On a Russkie ruse!
“It Was the Russkies!!”
Blared the News

That the Russkies, to sow Confusion,
And to make us think that the Sky
Is Just a Crazy Illusion,
Placed GooGoo Eyes on high!

Plus they scammed the Mass’s Mind
Like a dirty cantaloupe rind
How that crafty Russkie Shoat
Was telling us how to Vote!!!

La Trahison! Ahh, Treason!
And the Lack of Reason!
The Russkies, from a Space-Boat!
Interfering with our Vote!


Ed Sanders is a poet, musician and writer. He founded Fuck You: a Magazine of the Arts, as well as the Fugs. He edits the Woodstock Journal. His books include: The Family, Sharon Tate: a Life and the novel Tales of Beatnik Glory.