August 2018

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Another Scandal in the All-Male Priesthood

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Revisiting the Spirit of 1968

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Literature Can Displace Anthropology

Killing for Coal (Literally)

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The Economy as a Game of Monopoly

Our Economy is More Concentrated Than Ever

Redeveloping Historical Awareness on Kashmir

School Workers: What Did Our Unions Do on Our Summer Vacation?

The Free Press, the Free Market and the Tooth Fairy

Brexit: Stop the Sabotage

Grappling With the Racism of the DSA’s Founders

A Disingenuous Congressional Election Ahead

What Future Awaits the Babies of 2018?

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The Tip of the Radiation Disaster Iceberg

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A Plague on Both Their Houses

“Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior:” Commodity Fetishism, Security, and Social Media

Catholic Support for War: Another Child Abuse Scandal

The Mourning of McCain

New Power: “Purpose” as Key Force Multiplier in a World on Fire

Revised NAFTA Shows Every Sign of Being Another Trump Scam

The Brexit “Who Dunnit?”

Psychological Factors for War

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Verdi’s Mass for the Dead: 90 Minutes of Heavenly and Infernal Glory

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Aretha’s Furs and PETA’s White Privilege

McCain, Confederate

The Fire Island Raids, 50 Years Later

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Ambushing Pope Francis: the Accusations of Cardinal Viganò

Please Speak Ill of the Dead