August 2018

A US Trade War With Turkey Over a Pastor? Don’t Believe It

A Mighty Voice for Peace Has Gone Silent: Uri Avnery, 1923-2018

Barrett Brown – Episode 109

“I’m Bringing My Bullhorn to Congress”: Rashida Tlaib Poised to Become First Muslim Congresswoman

Opposing Bipartisan Warmongering is Defending Human Rights of the Poor and Working Class

Memoir From the Underground

The Historic Responsibility of the Catholic Church

Iran and the Doomsday Machine

Going Fundamental Eludes Congressional Progressives

Yemeni and Palestinian Children

My Longest Day: How World War II Ended for My Family

Trump and the Sex Tape

The Military Option Against Venezuela in the “Year of the Americas”

Meaningless Titles and Liveable Cities: Melbourne Loses to Vienna

First Amendment Rights and the Court of Popular Opinion

Hothouse Earth

Africa’s Pioneering Marxist Political Economist, Samir Amin (1931-2018)

An Updated and Improved Marxism

Tiger Woods, Donald Trump and Crime and Punishment

Climate Change, Extreme Weather, Destructive Lifestyles

Corporate Media: the Enemy of the People

Where Have All the Nazis Gone?

Midterms 2018: What’s There to Hope For?

Alan Chadwick in the Budding Grove: Story Summary for a Documentary Film

Roaming Charges: Running Out of Fools

We Are Winning

The Aretha Dialogue

Totally Irrusianal

Moving the Margins

In Shanghai

Stand Up With New Hope in Germany?

More Demons Unleashed After Fulbright University Vietnam Official Drops Rhetorical Bombshells

The Future of NATO: an Interview With Richard Falk

Murphy’s Law: Big Tech Must Serve as Censorship Subcontractors

The Nordic Countries Aren’t Socialist

Orcas and Other-Than-Human Grief

Donald Trump and the Rise of Patriotism 

Dear White American

The Whole World Was Watching: Chicago ’68, Revisited

A Family Affair

The Barbarism of US Immigration Policy

Less Voting, More Revolution

The World and Palestine, Palestine and the World

Saving Democracy

Democrats Gather in Chicago: Elite Party or Party of the People?

Migrants Deaths: European Democracies and the Right to Not Protect?

Blackkklansman: Spike Lee Delivers a Masterpiece

Trump Snubbed McCain, Then the Media Snubbed the Rest of Us

If Ireland Can Reject Fossil Fuels, Your Town Can Too

Drilling ANWR: One of Our Last Links to the Wild World is in Danger

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