August 2018

If Anti-Authoritarianism Fails To Challenge the Ego’s Supremacy, We Will Remain Bourgeois, Conforming and Politely Fascist

The Madness of the Academy

The US is Not on the Brink of a Financial Crisis

The Right to Work and FDR’s Economic Bill of Rights

Don’t Fall for the First Amendment = Free Speech Trick

Julian Assange and the Fate of Journalism

Extinction and Responsibility: Why Climate Disaster Might Heal Us Even As it Kills Us

Beijing’s Bid for Global Power in the Age of Trump

Ron Jacobs on The Baader-Meinhof Podcast

Capitalism’s Rough & Tumble Climate Affair

Seeing Trumpism in the Broad & Far-Reaching-Implications on the Entire World

Impressions of Shanghai

The Best of All Possible Worlds

The Battle Over History and Howard Zinn

Trump’s Global Impact (and What Russia Could Do)

Citizen Action Comes of Age in West Virginia in Fight Against Rockwool

Is Giuliani Correct? Is Truth Not Truth?

Words Matter

Uri Avnery: One of My Few Heroes in the Middle East

The Mortality of Australian Prime Ministers

Midterm Congressional Elections: You Can’t Lose What You Ain’t Never Had

Chicago: 1968 & 2018

The Education Impasse in the USA

Trump Supporters: the Joyous Cult Bound by Shared Story and Ritual

Omarosa Manigault Newman, Public Servant

“Suffer Not the Little Children….”

Djibouti Faces Dark Days to Come; Eritrean Ports, Pipeline Threaten Ethiopian Trade Lifeline

Dial “N” for Mayhem: Wording Our Way to a New Level of Hell

Fascist Nation: The “Alt-Right” Menace Persists, Despite Setbacks

The Russians Did It (cont.)

Sea of Tears: The Tragedy of Families Split by the Korean War

Finding Fault and Faulty Infrastructure: Genoa’s Morandi Bridge Disaster

How Capitalism Erodes Mental Health

“Abolish ICE”? Then Why Not Abolish All US Militarism?

In Detaining Peter Beinart, Israel Has Declared it No Longer Represents Millions of Jews Overseas

Why the Chicago ‘68 Convention Matters Today

UPS Teamsters, We Have Your Back in this Fight

The Road to Disaster?

Why the Gallatin Range Deserves Protection

Trump’s New Financial War on the Global South

Why Pundits Scare Me

The Mass Media’s Outrage at Trump: Why the Surprise?

Does France’s Economy Need to Be Renewed?

For the Love of Reason

Inhumanity Above the Clouds

A British Muslim’s Perspective on the Burkha Debate

A US Trade War With Turkey Over a Pastor? Don’t Believe It

“Not With a Bomb, But a Whimper” … Then More Bombs.

Is Trump a Brand-New Weird Existential Threat? No.

A Mighty Voice for Peace Has Gone Silent: Uri Avnery, 1923-2018

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