August 2018

Attention, War Criminals: Prizes Still Available

A Cynic’s Guide to John Brennan and William McRaven

A Short History of Collective Punishment: From the British Empire to Gaza

Last Year I Watched Grizzlies Play, This Year They Will Be Hunted

If Your Boss Makes Millions, It’s Not Because of the Market

An Endless Highway of Death

Schools Need More Resources, Not Resource Officers

The Anti-President

Prime Ministerial Chaos: Turnbull’s Last Days

Trump’s Tax Cuts: $280K for Rich Lawmakers, Pennies for Workers

While Trump Sweats, the West Burns

Progressive Preaching by Sanders Leaves Its Mark

Recreating the Wilderness

Donald’s Excellent and Really Big Parade

Calling for Ten Million More Voters, a Few Billionaires, and a Just Congress

Partisanship in the Extreme

“Judensäcker:” Our Jewish Graveyard 

Today’s Yellow Journalism

Big Food Wants You To Believe Obesity is Caused by Lack of Exercise not Junk Food and the Spin Is Working

This a Freak Show, Not a Democracy (Thanks, Founders)

Marx at 200: How Do His Theories Hold Up?

When It’s Sad to be a Child

Why Convictions Will Not Alter Trump’s Reality

Memo to Trump: China is Already Bigger Than the United States

Slavery and the Origins of Capitalism

Roaming Charges: Waiting for My Man

Be Careful What You Ask For: Wasting Time with Manafort, Cohen, and Russiagate

Schools for Leisure

Supporting the Palestinian Cause


‘Active’ Management Wrong Answer Trying to Stop Big Wildfires

Narcissism on the Left: the Cult of the Individual Leader

Yet Another Appeal for “Green” Capitalism, Annotated

Efficacy of the Discourse of International Conferences on Local Realities in Jammu and Kashmir

Ellison Vs. Franken: How We See Domestic Violence In The Age of #MeToo

How Ideology in Mainstream Economics Works: Tax Cuts & Savings Rates

The New Fascism, Same as the Old One

Stormy Weather for Trump, but is Sexual Hush Money a “Campaign Contribution?”

Pakistan Should Ditch Washington

Mortgaging the Public Interest: Gross Maladministration and the Illegal Entry of GMOs into India

Love at First Sight: Old Man Adopts Dog

The Ongoing War on the American People

The Madness of the Academy

Julian Assange and the Fate of Journalism

Don’t Fall for the First Amendment = Free Speech Trick

The Orange King, Yellow Journalism, and the Death of Truth

If Anti-Authoritarianism Fails To Challenge the Ego’s Supremacy, We Will Remain Bourgeois, Conforming and Politely Fascist

Is Low Inflation the Path to Real Wage Growth?

The Right to Work and FDR’s Economic Bill of Rights

Extinction and Responsibility: Why Climate Disaster Might Heal Us Even As it Kills Us

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