August 2018

The Brexit “Who Dunnit?”

The Atlas Network Against Latin America

In the Year of the Pig: the Real Vietnam War Heroes

Psychological Factors for War

The Washington Post’s Campaign to Keep a Republican in the Maryland Governor’s Office

The Irishmen Who Fought in the Last Great Battle Against Spanish Fascism

The Free Press, the Free Market and the Tooth Fairy

New Power: “Purpose” as Key Force Multiplier in a World on Fire

School Workers: What Did Our Unions Do on Our Summer Vacation?

What Did Abbas Just Say?

Revisiting the Spirit of 1968

Redeveloping Historical Awareness on Kashmir

Literature Can Displace Anthropology

A Horrorshow of Class Politics

Verdi’s Mass for the Dead: 90 Minutes of Heavenly and Infernal Glory

Our Economy is More Concentrated Than Ever

Why Colombia’s Cocaine Industry Is Thriving

When Illness is a ‘Death Sentence’: The Victimization of Gaza Women

Reality Winner, Russiagate and the Left

Gunning Down Yellowstone Grizzlies

John McCain, the Unrepentant Warrior

Israel is Building Another 1,000 Homes on Palestinian land. Where’s the Outrage?

The Fire Island Raids, 50 Years Later

Assholes Finish First, Left Purity, And The Death Of A Living Planet

Please Speak Ill of the Dead

Ambushing Pope Francis: the Accusations of Cardinal Viganò

Existentialism and Marxism: Tensions, Ambiguities, and Resolutions?

US Left Is Being Left Behind

Workers’ Power vs. Climate Destroyers: What It Will Take to Save the Planet

The Collapse of Lehman Bros.: a Reassessment

August 19, 2019
John Davis
The Isle of White: a Tale of the Have-Lots Versus the Have-Nots
John O'Kane
Supreme Nihilism: the El Paso Shooter’s Manifesto
Robert Fisk
If Chinese Tanks Take Hong Kong, Who’ll be Surprised?
Ipek S. Burnett
White Terror: Toni Morrison on the Construct of Racism
Arshad Khan
India’s Mangled Economy
Howard Lisnoff
The Proud Boys Take Over the Streets of Portland, Oregon
Steven Krichbaum
Put an End to the Endless War Inflicted Upon Our National Forests
Cal Winslow
A Brief History of Harlan County, USA
Jim Goodman
Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue is Just Part of a Loathsome Administration
Brian Horejsi
Bears’ Lives Undervalued
Thomas Knapp
Lung Disease Outbreak: First Casualties of the War on Vaping?
Susie Day
Dear Guys Who Got Arrested for Throwing Water on NYPD Cops
Weekend Edition
August 16, 2019
Friday - Sunday
Paul Street
Uncle Sam was Born Lethal
Jennifer Matsui
La Danse Mossad: Robert Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein
Rob Urie
Neoliberalism and Environmental Calamity
Stuart A. Newman
The Biotech-Industrial Complex Gets Ready to Define What is Human
Nick Alexandrov
Prevention Through Deterrence: The Strategy Shared by the El Paso Shooter and the U.S. Border Patrol
Jeffrey St. Clair
The First Dambuster: a Coyote Tale
Eric Draitser
“Bernie is Trump” (and other Corporate Media Bullsh*t)
Nick Pemberton
Is White Supremacism a Mental Illness?
Jim Kavanagh
Dead Man’s Hand: The Impeachment Gambit
Andrew Levine
Have They No Decency?
David Yearsley
Kind of Blue at 60
Ramzy Baroud
Manifestos of Hate: What White Terrorists Have in Common
Evaggelos Vallianatos
The War on Nature
Martha Rosenberg
Catch and Hang Live Chickens for Slaughter: $11 an Hour Possible!
Yoav Litvin
Israel Fears a Visit by Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib
Neve Gordon
It’s No Wonder the Military likes Violent Video Games, They Can Help Train Civilians to Become Warriors
Susan Miller
That Debacle at the Border is Genocide
Ralph Nader
With the Boeing 737 MAX Grounded, Top Boeing Bosses Must Testify Before Congress Now
Victor Grossman
Warnings, Ancient and Modern
Meena Miriam Yust - Arshad Khan
The Microplastic Threat
Kavitha Muralidharan
‘Today We Seek Those Fish in Discovery Channel’
Louis Proyect
The Vanity Cinema of Quentin Tarantino
Bob Scofield
Tit For Tat: Baltimore Takes Another Hit, This Time From Uruguay
Nozomi Hayase
The Prosecution of Julian Assange Affects Us All
Ron Jacobs
People’s Music for the Soul
John Feffer
Is America Crazy?
Jonathan Power
Russia and China are Growing Closer Again
John W. Whitehead
Who Inflicts the Most Gun Violence in America? The U.S. Government and Its Police Forces
Justin Vest
ICE: You’re Not Welcome in the South
Jill Richardson
Race is a Social Construct, But It Still Matters
Dean Baker
The NYT Gets the Story on Automation and Inequality Completely Wrong
Nino Pagliccia
Venezuela Retains Political Control After New US Coercive Measures
Gary Leupp
MSNBC and the Next Election: Racism is the Issue (and Don’t Talk about Socialism)