August 2018

A Trump Pact Against China?

Findings and Non-Findings: the MH370 Report

Through Conversation, Hummingbirds Resist Los Angeles’ Neoliberal Court

Don’t Worry, What We’re Seeing and Reading is Not Happening

Trump’s Giant “F-You” to Working People: Playing Games with Capital Gains Tax Rates

Climate Genocide: Why the Poor People’s Campaign Should Demand Trump’s Impeachment

Religious Liberty Death Totality Task Force 

The Ongoing Decline of British Power

Enough Pity; Enough Hell: the Psychological and Physical Costs of the Israel-Gaza War

How Corbyn’s Critics Use the Accusation of Anti-Semitism as a Weapon to “Embarrass the Left”

Trumpism: The Real Danger of Donald Trump

Israeli Arab Dareen Tatour Sentenced to 5 Months in Prison Over Pro-Palestinian Poem

Made in LA: Todd Gray’s Letters to Dorothy Manzarek

The Great Brexit Disorder

Cirque d’Aforika Borwa (Circa 2003)

“Prison Reform” Bill Stalled in Senate as National Prison Strike Looms

It Really Is Open Season on Black People

India Mortgaged? Forced-Fed Illness and the Neoliberal Food Regime

Davitt McAteer on Monongah: The Worst Industrial Accident in U.S. History

Let’s Tax the Rich

Trump Era: “There Is Great Disorder Under The Sky, So The Situation Is Excellent!”

The Right-Wing Assault on Academic Freedom in India

Is Sharing Ethical?

Coalition Slams Delta Tunnels Finance Authority’s Request for $1.6 Billion Loan from Trump

Ominous Silence on the Anniversary of the ADA

The Myth of a Tragic Mistake

Is Trump Preparing to Strike Iran?

An Engineer, an Economist, and an Ecomodernist Walk Into a Bar and Order a Free Lunch . . .

Trump and the Politics of Neoliberal Destruction

Ron Dellums (1935-2018): Organizing for Peace Forces Us to Challenge All Forms of Injustice

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