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Illegitimate and Lethal

Roaming Charges: Whatd’Ya Expect Us to Do About It?

In Deep Water: Shipping in the Global Economy

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The Russia-Ukraine Battle Over Black Sea

Palestinians ‘Are Not Animals in a Zoo’

Electromagnetic Fields Forever

Don’t Expand NATO, Disband It

Letter From Crimea: the De-Nazification of Stalingrad

Choice Without Shackles

Forced Breeding: Abortion Rights & Judicial Wrongs

The Antithesis of the Great Replacement Theory Isn’t Liberalism; It’s Immanence

So This is the Freedom We Kill Other People For?

Most Americans Support Abortion Rights, Do Your Leaders?

How ALEC Turns Disinformation Into Law

Now There’s a Smoking Gun to Indict Trump

Reform the Supreme Court

To Defend Our Rights, Defend Our Democracy

Uncertainty and Hope Set the Stage for Colombia’s Future Leftist Government

What Would a Real Opposition Party of the People Do?

The Coming End of Contraception

‘Self-Actualization’ in a World of Exploitation

Rainbow Flags Among the Ruins: Queerness in an Age of Collapse

The Very Unstable Genius

The Myths of American Gun Culture

It’s Time to End the Capital Gains Rate Giveaway

America’s Anger Problem

Time to Make Pregnancy a Thing of the Past?

We Need Racial Solidarity to Restore Abortion Rights

Apocalyptic Reflections of a Reluctant Road Warrior

Simulacra in the Growing Armory of Thanatos

The Justice Department Pressured USA Today to Stop Publishing Me

RIMPAC Naval Exercises, the Philippines and War on China

Colombia, Once a Pro-U.S. Conservative Bastion, Turns Left

Holy Alito!

The Seven Deadly Sins: Alive & Well in the U.S. of A

The Supreme Court and the Abuse of History: Rights Will Always Lose

Defund the Democratic Party: More Republicans in Office will Not Save Abortion Rights, but History has Shown, Neither Will More Democrats

Europe’s Uneasy Unity on the War in Ukraine

Angry Macron Under Pressure

The First Attack on the Independents: Albanese Hobbles the Crossbench

Who’s Murdering Immigrants? It’s No Mystery

Is Universal Basic Income Part of a Just Transition?

The Recurring Nightmare of America’s Political Tradition

NATO and Russia Both Aim to Fail

A.B. Yehoshua, 1936–2022

Peter Lownds Explains How and Why he Translated the Brazilian Novel Never-Ending Youth