Pelosi’s Pidgin Propaganda

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, has perfected an idiom, call it pidgin propaganda, a rhetoric of meaningless slogans with a hole in the middle. To those financially involved with the Democratic Party, it may give some comfort, like humming to a baby in the crib, but to the rest of us it holds less interest than a TV commercial.

This deformed pidgin tongue, spoken by all San Francisco’s rulers – Pelosi, U.S. Sen. Feinstein, Vice President Harris, Governor Newsom – begins with the command: “Make no mistake about it …” a phrase probably going back to the dim origins of the Republic, but former California Gov. Pat Brown never failed to use it to signal the arrival of his next bumbling platitude.

Nearly immortal incumbents like Pelosi and Feinstein put us to sleep to hide the tidal wave of bribery that has been washing over Congress since former Rep. Tony Coelho, chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Democratic Party Whip, ducked charges and left the House for Wall Street in 1989.  The effort to raise enough money to keep your party in power in the House soon erases all memory of the needs and desires of constituencies, replacing them with “honest graft.”

But special interest bribery – you can call it whatever you want but from an ordinary citizen’s point of view it is bribery favoring interests that rarely favor those of the ordinary citizen – is not a diet that sustains any deep political impulse. It’s all “business.”

This bribe bloat causes political heart disease, manifested today on a video showing 10 San Francisco cops beating up one homeless man out of the charity in their hearts.

Leaders like Pelosi and the rest of the bigshot Democrats can’t find the political will in all that bribe-fat to clean up their own city, sinking under the weight of opulence, arrogance, and poverty and misery, crime and its homeless population. And their treatment of the environmental crisis is brilliant:

“Yes,” they say, “there certainly is a crisis and we are doing all we can to lessen impacts. Now, fellow Americans, make no mistake about it – we will defeat Islamic terrorists wherever they are; we will defeat Russia in the Ukraine and we are now giving fair warning to the Chinese Communists to keep their hands off Taiwan’s silicon-chip manufacturers (more than half the world’s production). But, make no mistake about it, anyone who suggests I am just trying to raise money from our fine weapons manufacturers to maintain a House Democratic majority and my SPEAKERSHIP, is just a lowdown chicommie symp and a peacenik. We are finding a balance between our environmental commitment and the war against terrorism and autocracy.”

If only Bufano’s beautiful statue of Dr. Sun Yat-sen in St. Mary’s Square in San Francisco would awaken one night and lead the people against these tedious dowager empresses and their lap boy.

Sane adults ignore this pack of lies and go about their business. But things never stay the same, they either wax or wane like the moon, and the Speaker got so bribe-fat that she suddenly had a pure pidgin episode, and said:

“Our Congressional delegation’s visit should be seen as a strong statement that America stands with Taiwan.  We came to Taiwan to listen to, learn from and show our support for the people of Taiwan, who have built a thriving Democracy that stands as one of the freest and most open in the world…blah, blah, blah.”

Ah yes, the “thriving Democracy” brought from the Mainland by Chiang Kai-shek, his wife and the Kuomintang in 1949 after the Communists finally rid the nation of the old crook, Charlie Soong’s power-tripping daughter, and his defeated Nationalist Army. Thirty-five years of continual invasion, civil war and revolution left China in ruins with many millions dead. Pelosi’s provocation might turn out to have been as dangerous an insult as NATO expanding to Russia’s border.

In Stillwell and the American Experience in China, Barbara Tuchman observed:

“The rise of international fascism shaped America’s view of China and the fervent syllogism at its core: democracy was threatened by the aggressor nations; China was under attack by an aggressor nation (Japan); therefore China was a democracy and her battle was the battle of world democracy… This was ideology, rampant and unreal.  Democracy was not budding either in the Kuomintang, with its one-party Government and censorship and blue shirts and secret police, or in Yenan grounded in the dogma and dedicated to the goals of revolutionary socialism.”

Today, this is a history rhyme delivered in the United States to an empty lecture hall. The Hon. Speaker of the House of Representatives along with the rest of the current political class ignores all this stupid history stuff. On her recent visit to Taiwan she received from its history-denying Government the Order of Propitious Clouds with Special Grand Cordon.

I mean, can you beat that? Who needs history when you can just float on Propitious Clouds? The Honorable Speaker won’t even need the US Air Force to transport her, along with family and friends, home from DC on the weekends.

Nevertheless, you can’t help wondering what shape these Propitious Clouds might take in the future?

Bill Hatch lives in the Central Valley in California. He is a member of the Revolutionary Poets Brigade of San Francisco. He can be reached at: