January 2022

Rashid Khalidi

Neil Young & Crazy Horse – A Band A Brotherhood A Barn

The United States of Hypocrisy: Revisiting the Monroe Doctrine

U.S. Politicians Spend Their Time Papering Over the Social Problems Caused by Profit-Driven Capitalism

How the U.S. Transportation System Fuels Inequality

Freeing Ourselves From the War Machine Machine

Why It’s Time to Take the Russian-Led Military Alliance Seriously

Behind the 11 Oath Keepers Charged with Sedition are Many More Who Have Been Trained by the US Military

Let’s not allow the great powers to destroy the world

Putin’s Long Game of Diplomatic Dialogue`

GDP Jumps to 6.9 Percent in Fourth Quarter 2021, Driven by Strong Inventory Growth

Driverless Cars Won’t be Good for the Environment If They Lead to More Auto Use

A New Functional Paradigm of Human Rights

An Exhibition of Artful Dodging

What Capitalism’s Brought to Tonga

On the Misuse (and Invention) of Words

Give Them A Migraine! Fan-boy Ben Burgis Slobbers over Christopher Hitchens

The Politics of Ethicide in an Age of Counter-Revolution

Who Sleeps Under the Bridge?  

Reaching a Nuclear Agreement with Iran: the Problematics of Middle Eastern Diplomacy

Roaming Charges: Lookout, Joe

Anti-Vaxxers and Big Pharma, Partners in Crime

The Left Demobilized: the Usual Suspects Are To Blame

Morality Cannot Be Divided: How Netanyahu’s Corruption has Exposed Israel’s ‘Democracy’

A Communist Intervention: Reflections on Crisis, Revolution, and Personal Responsibility

The Doomsday Clock SOS

Biden’s Foreign Policy at One: Change, But No Course Correction

“Belfast:” Branagh’s Pathetic Paean to Northern Ireland’s Protestant Fascism and British Imperialism

A Culture of Cheating: On the Origins of the Crisis in Ukraine

2021: Another Year of Success at Increasing Wealth Inequality

US Doesn’t Care for China’s Muslims: Boycotting the Olympics is about Global Competition

Hunter S. Thompson: A Certain Type of Witness

A Scream Against the Madness

Exposing the Massive Hypocrisy of International Insurance Companies

How this Cycle of Redistricting is Making Gerrymandered Congressional Districts Even Safer and Undermining Majority Rule

HB 651: An Anti-Citizen Initiative Law

Macedonian Ramble: the Wars of the Ottoman Succession

Serbia Stomps on Rio Tinto’s Lithium Mining Project

California Could Be on the Verge of Passing Single-Payer Health Care

Goin’ Forward: An Exegesis and Maybe an Exodus

Sedition: The Foundational American Political Trait

The Geopolitics Behind Spiraling Gas and Electricity Prices in Europe

Big Problems with Montana Proposals for Small Nuclear Reactors

Why Muhammad Ali is the Last American Hero

The Filibuster is Busted, Time to Scrap It

The BDSM Passion Play of the Capitalocracy

Report: The Fossil Fuel Industry’s Job Claims are “Wildly Inaccurate”

America, Russia and NATO look for New Frontiers of Influence

To Protect Women’s Health, Pass the Equal Rights Amendment

Why are We Junking Our Best Tool to End Child Poverty?