“Democratic” Means Social Equality

Pundits in the international media and political classes twist an distort the word “democratic” until it has no resemblance to the actual meaning of the word. Start with “democracy” from which “democratic” is born. “Government by the people exercised either directly…? or by elected representatives” and later “the principles of social equality and individual rights”.

“Democratic; of, characterized by, or advocating democracy” and later “believing in or practicing social equality”.

Are all these countries who call themselves “democratic” practicing “the principles of social equality…”? As the 1%, the super rich, continue to grow richer while most of their people see their lives growing harder by the day can you call this “democracy”, “believing in or practicing social equality”? Hell no!

Democracy doesn’t mean you have to have elections? No, a country can be democratic without having elections. But can a society be “democratic” and yet completely abandon any pretense of “believing in or practicing social equality”? Of course not.

Those that comprise the National Security Establishments (NSE) in almost all the countries around the world, whether they be politicians, intelligence services/law enforcement, media or the wealthy have bastardized the word “democratic” to the point where it no longer resembles its real meaning.

“Democratic” means social equality, or working towards that end so the USA and Europe are clearly not democratic. Yet Cuba is democratic, with a democracy based on a government by the people exercised directly, even without the need for elections. The fact that Cuba practices social equality is key. Social equality and no golden rule demanding elections is democracy, democratic.

Yet the NSE’s in the imperial enclaves insist that elections be foremost in all countries political development. Never mind these elections have nothing to do with social equality, just the opposite. It’s all about looting and plundering the nations people in their name on behalf of the 1%er’s.

A social equality based international democratic system is desperately needed on this planet. What else can protect the worlds peoples from the impending crimate disaster of which we are just beginning to see and feel the warning signs?

Greed and excessive accumulation is driving this approaching climate disaster and only a socially cooperative society can prepare and hopefully prevent major social chaos and suffering. If a people, or peoples, can work in common for the common good there is still a chance for humanity. Learning from societies that today practice real social equality is a start.

Thomas C. Mountain attended Punahou School for six years some half a dozen years before “Barry O’Bombers” time there. He has been living and writing from Eritrea since 2006. He can be reached at thomascmountain at g_ mail_ dot _com