May 2023

The Appalling Failure of the G7 to Act on Nuclear Disarmament

Letter from London: Almshouses, Amis and Assange

Prophets of Doom: Kissinger and the ‘Intellectual’ Decline of the West

The Biden-McCarthy Debt Ceiling Deal: Neoliberal Fiscal Policy Continues

Modi in Australia: Down Under Bliss for Hindutva

Is the Suncor Refinery in Colorado Killing People Quietly With its Deeds?  

War and Friendship in a Time of War

The Power of Nonviolence: Myths and Reality

Peace Dollars: Putting Our Economic House in Order

Suggestions From the Peer Support World

Wilderness Needs Our Humility and Restraint, Not Our Poison

Hudson Collapse

Supreme Duplicity

Polluting the Grand Canyon for “Clean Energy”

The Move Toward a Four-Day Workweek Obscures Low Pay

A Tale of Cruelty and Criminality: Doug Valentine on the CIA

Cave Man Joe: On Hollow Resistance to Fascism and Other Existential Menaces*

Garbage In, Garbage CEO Windfalls Out

Taiwan’s Quest to Upgrade Its Battle Readiness Continues to Evolve

A New Generation of Organizers Are Building Union Power in the South

Kissinger at 100

Zaporizhzhia Gazette: Notes on an Unfolding Nuclear Crisis

When Your Life Goes To The Landfill A Shame on Portland, Maine

Pre-Election Advice: Try Looking at Yourself the Way Politicians Do

My Mariology

A Plea to My Western Progressive Friends: Stop Helping Putin with Your Conciliatory and Ambiguous Statements

Visits of Justice: Stella Assange’s Plea to Australia

Snapshot: Saigon 1994

Supremes Declare War on Wetlands

Inverted Corporate Capitalism – Blocking Their Owner-Shareholders

The First Trillionaire: No Cause for Celebration

Who Are Pras Michel’s “Haitian Friends”?

Big Win for Grizzlies

Masaya in Flames: Five Years Afterwards

Age or Pride Comes Before the Fall?

Radio Silence Concerning FDR’s Repudiation of Debts

Two Memorial Day Poems

Amazonia and the World

Killing Herrhausen

What’s the Use of William Blake?

“White Protectionism” is White Supremacy: A Bait and Switch as Old as History

The Death Penalty for Homelessness

The Clintons and the Rich Women

Accountability Needed at the Country’s Most Toxic Site

Not On Our Dime!’: Why US Democrats Are Growingly Challenging Israel

Nuclear Turns Fashionable

The Russiagate Fraud Revisited

Against Involuntary Death