Jack Rasmus

Jack Rasmus is author of  ’The Scourge of Neoliberalism: US Economic Policy from Reagan to Trump, Clarity Press, January 2020. He blogs at jackrasmus.com and hosts the weekly radio show, Alternative Visions on the Progressive Radio Network on Fridays at 2pm est. His twitter handle is @drjackrasmus.

Ginsburg’s Death and Trump’s Emerging Legal Coup D’Etat

America’s Current Jobs ‘Great Depression’

Trump’s Executive Orders: EOs as PR and FUs

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What Lies Ahead

Why the 3rd Quarter US Economic ‘Rebound’ Will Falter

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Confronting Institutional Racism

Two Fictions of Mainstream Economics

Low-Balling the Unemployed in the Era of the 2020 Great Recession

The Myth of the V-Shaped US Economic Recovery

COVID-19 and the Forgotten Working Class

US Senate’s Final Stimulus Bill: Why It Won’t Be Enough

The New Federal Reserve as Garbage Can for All Capitalist Debt

Trump’s DOA TV Address and an Alternative Fiscal Stimulus Program

COVID-19 and the Working Class

South Carolina Primary: What Does It Mean?

The Nevada Caucus and the Desperation of Democrat Elites

Trump’s ‘Red Meat’ SOTU Speech: US Political Crisis Now Deepens

Trump’s Feeble Phase 1 China-US Trade Deal

Trump vs. Iran: Has the US Crossed the Escalation to War Rubicon?

On Those Questionable US Wage Stats…Again

Brexit and the Collapse of British Labour: A Post-Mortem on the UK Election

Trump vs. Democracy

US-China Mini-Trade Deal: Trump Takes the Money and Runs

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