April 2021

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Hunting in Yemen

South Korea’s Rural Basic Income Experiment Scheduled for Second Half of 2021

A Vaccine Summit: Taking the Pandemic Seriously

Why Republicans are Betting the Farm on Attacking Transgender People

Mozambique’s is a Continental Tragedy

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Ending Fracking by 2035

America’s Many Wars On Children

Nonviolent Intervention and George Floyd

Roaming Charges: Just a Shot Away

Trapping: New Mexico Moves Forward, Montana Leaps Backward

My Predictions for Biden’s Probably-Truncated Presidency

Decolonizing Knowledge Production: a Practical Guide

Time to Get Government Off Our Lawns

‘Sacrifice Zones’: How People of Color Are Targets of Environmental Racism

The Daleys of Chicago Need Accountability in Ongoing Loan Scandal

The Loss of Fear: Russian Dissidents From Dostoevsky to Navalny

Climate Hacking Experiments Already Taking Place

Why the U.S. Shouldn’t Play Games With Cyberwarfare as Its Power Declines

Grazing and Climate Change: the Influence of Livestock on Soil Carbon Storage

The Judicial Persecution of Steven Donziger

The De-Humanization of Free and Fair Elections

Ratner for the Defense: the Legacy of a Lefty Lawyer

International Law Uncanceled: Biden Lifts Sanctions Against ICC, But It’s Not Enough

How the Pandemic Laid Bare the Cruelties of Capitalism

Voter Suppression is an Attack on Democracy…and My Faith

Protect Care Workers…You’ll Probably Need Us One Day

The End of Trickle-Down Economics

Capitalism Versus Economic Democracy, Minimum Wage Edition

From His Solitary Confinement, Marwan Barghouti Holds the Key to Fatah’s Future

GOP: The Pretend Party

Church-Based Cuckoldry Gone Wrong

Fatuous Defence: Australia’s Guided Missile Plans

Reflections on  Forestry When Confronted With the First Timber Harvest Plan  of the Year in My Watershed

The Top Ten Things I’ll Miss When the Pandemic is Over

Black Cowboys

Back to the Future at the Pentagon

Zelensky: NATO to stop Donbas War

Yemen is a Public Health Catastrophe

Trapped at the Border: Their Fate is Our Fate

Biden and the Jobs Revolution

On I, Claud: the Autobiography of Claud Cockburn

The Environmental Impacts of “Green” Technology

The Only Treatment is Freedom: Mumia Abu-Jamal and COVID

Disappear the System: A Critical Hegemonic Function of Capitalist Media

A Great Tree Has Fallen: The Passing of Marshall Sahlins

New Revelations on Germ Warfare: It’s Time for a Reckoning with Our History from the Korean War

Film as Art and Weapon: Raoul Peck’s “Exterminate All the Brutes”