April 2021

Dave Lindorff

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What Chinatown Can Teach Us About Community

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Case for a People’s Vaccine

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Transcending ‘the Religion of Whiteness’

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The Legal Showdown at Hanna Flats

Incarcerating Innocents and Migrants in the U.S.

We Need a Trauma-Informed Legal System

Fecalnomics: Clash of the Hedge Hogs

Proposed “College for All” Would Be a Disaster For Adjunct Professors

The U.S. is Trying to Light the Match of Islamic Extremism in China’s Xinjiang

Carbon Colonialism and REDD: Reflections on Resistance

American-Style War Until the End of Time?

Why Guantánamo Should be Returned to Cuba

What Do the Women With Jim Jordan Want?

Letters From Minsk: The Pripet Marshes

Work to Die For: COVID-19 and U.S. Labor

This Black Life Must Matter! MLK’s greater message to America

Cuban President Closes Party Congress, Delivers Important Speech

Working-Class Mothers and the COVID “Shecession”

Eviction: No Easter in Occupied Jerusalem

From Genocide to Justice: How Ashkenazi Jews can be Co-Conspirators of Systemic Change

Noam Chomsky – Bakunin’s Predictions

From the Foggy Dew

Biden’s Left Feint

Corona in Cow Land – India Critical

Extremism is on the Rise in Israel

Millions of Tiny Cows to Regenerate the Soil

In the Smithy of His Soul: A Steel Worker and Scholar

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The CIA Has Been Taking Over for Decades—Even Former Presidents Tried to Warn Us BY MODERATOR

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Bottom-up Politics: Grassroots Activism Drive Pro-Palestine Shift in the US

All Dressed Up for the Oscars and Nowhere to Go

Superiority Mirage

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Joe Biden’s Fabulous Fool’s Peace

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