April 2021

Disappear the System: A Critical Hegemonic Function of Capitalist Media

A Great Tree Has Fallen: The Passing of Marshall Sahlins

New Revelations on Germ Warfare: It’s Time for a Reckoning with Our History from the Korean War

Film as Art and Weapon: Raoul Peck’s “Exterminate All the Brutes”

The Trumpet Shall Sound

Ross Benes

The Fecalnomics of The Filibuster

What Should We Learn from India’s Farmers’ Protests?

Open Borders Is Socialism

How Hollywood Neuters the 60s: Sorkin’s “Trial of the Chicago 7” Sentences American Radicalism to Oblivion

Four Words Gates and His Pals Despise: Democracy & Minimum Support Price

The US War on Drugs is Driving the Displacement Crisis

White Supremacist Organizations and White Workers

Republicans Revenge: Targeting Gender Nonconforming Youth

The Far Right in Uniform: How Extreme is the U.S. Military?

Coup Attempt in Jordan Leaves a Trail

Roberto Di Vicenzo and the 1968 Masters Golf Championship: Enhancing Ethics In Sports

Mexican Wolf Depredation Investigations…Again

The Climate Elephant in the Atmosphere (and in the Room)

Biden to Ukraine: “Unwavering Support for Euro-Atlantic Aspirations”

With COVID Cases Soaring in France, Macron can No Longer be in Denial

The UK’s Official Report on Racism is a Travesty

The Future of Australian Universities

Stop Using Our Tax Dollars for Human Rights Abuses: Pass the Philippines Human Right Act

Another Win for Health Insurers, a Big Loss for this Patient

Living in a Country Haunted by Death

The March Jobs Report and the State of the Recovery

Take It From Boehner, Republicans are Proving They Can’t Govern

A Manchester Boldly United for a More Equal Metropolis

A Welcome Change! Forest Service Halts Trump Plan to Burn Down the Targhee National Forest

L.A. City Council Unanimously Votes on Resolution Urging Governor Newsom to Shut Down Playa Del Rey Gas Facility

Conservancy Beyond the Pale

In Memoriam: Nawal el Saadawi, 1931-2021

Ramallah: A Stop and Start Life Full of Checkpoints

Big Chickens in Georgia

The Significance of the NUMSA Appeal to the World for Mumia Abu-Jamal

With Nicaragua, Scary Covid Projections Are More Newsworthy Than Hopeful Results

Priti Patel and the Death of Asylum in the UK

The UK’s Race Report has Fueled the Controversy It was Supposed to Lay to Rest

Armed and Ignorant in the Land of the Free

Cooling the Planet?

Biden Finally Lifts Sanctions Against ICC As Demanded by World BEYOND War

How Police Preserve Inequality in Los Angeles—and Everywhere Else

Lying is as American as Cherry Pie

Humbaba’s Axiomata

A Friday Night Massacre in Colorado

Humans, Nature and the Illusion of Separateness

Ban the Death Penalty for Those with Serious Mental Illness

Whose Peace in Afghanistan?

NUMSA Demands the Immediate Release of American Political Prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal