The Terrorizing Simultaneity of Bounty

The word “bounty” has been used in association with the supposed United States of America to describe the resources used for and the possibility of acquiring monetary wealth, but recent rumors have been a reminder that the word also has another connotation/meaning which is equally applicable. It is a payment of reward for the capture/elimination of people who are seen as wayward and as a threat. This simultaneity of bounty has no borders. It is largely maintained through the militarized economics of global and spacial infiltration in the service of private power and it is used as a means of entrapment against the great majority of its servants.

The initial hemispheric expansion of power within the Monroe Doctrine has devolved into an obsession with universal domination in the name of “american interests.” We are led to believe that this is an expansion of human rights when it seems that it is increasingly dependent upon and promotes the reduction of those rights and global environmental health in the service of limited private profits. The democratrepublican agents of these reductions have less and less allegiance to any of the delusional nationalistic boundaries which they simultaneously promote and manipulate in order to reduce the awareness of people to environmental connectedness beyond these illusionary lines they draw upon the planet and smugly try to install in our minds.

The democratrepublican’s fence/wall construction along the manmade border of the supposed US and the supposed Mexico is typical of the schemes used to reinforce the debilitating psychological boundaries which the greediest corporatists employ to instill greater insecurity in the masses of their victims while the corporately endowed eliminate any and all benefits which they insist that we associated with those imaginary borders. Immense amounts of resources, money and energy are expended to try to separate the majority of people from the promoted bounty while these expenditures are an extracted bounty which is simultaneously taken from and put upon the people who are being separated from the economic bounty for the benefit of those who are the most greedy.

In essence, when you support the democratrepublican machinery, you are putting a bounty on anyone and everyone who is not obsessively avaricious in their private accumulating of the profits derived through the devastation  of the bounty of the planet. In this effort, words are the cheapest kind of bait and the most reliable means of disseminating the misleading propaganda wherein past and future realities are erased. The hyping of feelings of insecurity through the advertisement-laden machinery of privatized media conglomerations helps insures that the victims will also pay a significant share of the bounty which they put upon themselves.

The reoccurring obsession with supposed Russian electoral “interference” and the supposed Russian bounties offered to the Taliban are, as likely as not, good examples of an expression of the cynical smug disdain and unsubstantiated manipulative propaganda which is used to insure the victim’s complicity in increasing their own heightened sense of insecurity. The costs of the bounty on the heads of the majority of people continues to enlarge for the benefit of the greediest as they collect their self-serving reward of continually expanding private control through their democratrepublican electoral fraudulences.

Trump/Pence/Biden/Harris is a campaign wherein people can fearfully and proudly choose their vain preference for 2 out of the 4. The elections which are allowed in the faking USA are consistently, slightly variable dictatorial celebrations of sadistic domination which drains global resources and futures. The belief that this is a form of democracy is is as pathetically stupid as saying that a $1.00 bill has as much weight as does a $1,000.00 bill. While the so-called Supreme Court has promoted this sort of interpretation, it only guarantees a greater lack of  integrity.

These programmed elections are sadomasochistic gifts that keep on giving to the most impunistic sadists. As the election of 2020 approaches, the democratrepublican machine is slapping the face of people who say they want progressive, egalitarian programs and it is working to turn them into hypocrites by trying to force them to vote for either of the two latest versions of the George W. Bush administration, again. Anyone who isn’t extremely rich and who endorses either Trump or Biden is increasing the price they will pay to make sure that they themselves will be captured and the bounty on the heads of the majority of people and the environment will continue to be paid to those they are encouraging to be their sadistic masters.

It is no accident that Biden/Harris is successfully trying to appeal to more and more of the republican side of the machine and it is clearly expressed within the reduction of even references to widely supported progressive ideas/programs in the pretentious drivel known as the democrat platform. The lack of conviction which, at a minimum, borders on hypocrisy by the “progressive democrats” has never been more clearly illuminated than by the fact that even something as lacking in conviction as the party platform has erased most of their stated priorities and is part of a program which has a preference for the words of John Kasich and Michael Bloomberg. It seems that to the deemocratrepublican mentality, democracy means something like – the will of the people is the result of bad judgement and must be circumvented and ignored for greater inequalities and private profits. For the so-called progressives to go along with this interpretation of democracy only reinforces the same message. Another aspect of this submissiveness is that, even as they are being slapped in the face for the benefit of those who are more aligned with Trumpian priorities, so-called progressive leaders are  promoting the clearly divorced from reality notion that they will be able to have more influence on a Biden/Harris administration after they agree to support another rebuff of the will of the people. We are again told to believe that another unctuous slipping into a vat of toxic wasting is the only pragmatic means of escaping the very same vat.

The choice of Kamala Harris to be a heartbeat away from the presidency is significant because it is a distinct preference for what the primary voters did not want and is also right in line with the DNC repudiation of programs which had significant support among people who identify as democrats. The democratrepublican establishment has repeatedly shown that they only tolerate the expressions of their supporters desires as a means of procuring money and that they will then tell you what you are supposed to want. In this time when the pandemic is clearly showing that Medicare for All would be a better system for healthcare and the economy, the democrats will not support it. Of the estimated 4749 democrat delegates and “super”delegates, approximately 750 have expressed a desire for Medicare for all. That means approximately 16% of delegates are in line with a desire which has been shown to be supported by the overwhelming majority of democrat voters and is even supported by a majority of voters when republican voters are included.

As the Biden/Harris scheme continues to try to portray itself as more militantly convinced that Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia,… are to blame for many of the injustices which Biden, Harris, Trump, Pence, their colleagues and their supporters have institutionalized, the supposed allegiance to equal justice of Sanders and his supposed progressive allies is being used to guarantee a greater bounty will be paid to the greediest and the most sadistic. All of those individual contributions to the Sanders campaign have now been reduced to an endorsement of John Kasich’s and Michael Bloomberg’s ideologies. We are instructed to believe that this is pragmatic.

The great bounty of the faking USA is a massively corrosive, militarized, fear-mongering, corporate capitalizing and its democratrepublican machinery will continue to spread the corrosive effects as long as it is endorsed by its victims. There will be no reversal of the flow of the bounty until people who think they are progressive step away from and denounce the democratrepublican machinery and the terrorizing sadistic impunity which is a central component of its devious and pretentious operations.

If you think that Biden and Harris are capable of reversing the major portions of toxicity of Trump-ian malfeasance and reducing the toxic bounty which their careers have helped to make possible, then I can only feel pity for your delusional state and try to be of some help in the future in cleaning up the seemingly inevitable horrible mess which you are continuing to expand.

The Biden campaign is focussed on the word “Unity.” It seems that the overtly repugnant displays of the Trump administration are part of a foil upon which the full flowering of the Reaganists’ delusionally arrogant program of private theft is well underway. The third way, blue dog, new democrats and their now openly republican privatization of control is  unfolding under a guise of being a progressive salvation while it reinforces the same arrogant exceptionalist corporatism which led to Trump’s manifestation of their “freedom.” The terror of democratrepublican “unity” is now out in the open and it is roundly regarded as being respectable. This misguided sense of respectability is based upon the denial that Trump’s arrogant vanity and manipulations are the natural outcome of the same secretive boardroom conniving as is behind the rise of Biden/Harris.

It appears as if Trump is trying to start another world war and it appears as if Joe Biden can pull it off with wider support. If you follow how the democratrepublican congress has consistently directed the money over the decades – even as they act as if they oppose Trump’s offensiveness – the path is in the direction of greater inequality and fewer safeguards.

The election of either Trump or Biden is mainly a matter of style preference. Should the machine rumble and roar as it crushes its victims or would you prefer that it purred and caught more people off guard? We are told to believe that those are the only options. Biden has reassured his controllers in the corporetum, “Nothing will fundamentally change” if he is elected. The democrat convention is clearly another pledge of fealty to the same aggressive bulldozing global machinery which is more erratically roaring under the flood of fuel provided by Trump and the congress. The democrats pledge that they will be able to make the machine run quieter while it continues down the same path.

There is a necessary balance which is being dissolved. It is the balance between private personal profits and a safeguarding socialized government which watches over and prevents those privatized powers from destroying the fabric of society. The democratrepublican prioritization of control by and a worship of privatization above the voices of the majority of people and above environmental concerns seems to have reached a degree of decadence which replicates feudalistic imbalances and abusiveness, but on a global scale. The belief that capitalism must be liberated from all social restraints is the democratrepublican state religion. This situation is an indicator of societal decay. Sunlight and openness have been rejected and secretive classifying is rampant. Dictatorial manipulations for the financial benefit of an elite minority are being supported across the supposed spectrum of the democratrepublican identities, even as they pretend otherwise.

It seems that the Trump administration has been a huge success when you realize that they have pushed society into the desperate situation wherein huge numbers of supposed believers in democracy are insisting that the unity of the private corporate democrats and republicans can and should be celebrated as if that unity is a source of hope and change – again.

That unity is a clearly expressed level of social and environmental decay which Trump’s arrogantly manipulative lies have helped to look as if it is a solution to the societal rot which that very same unity has brought about.

It is looking as if the domination of humanity by feudalistic conniving is an inescapable characteristic of human society. That conniving has certainly been embraced by the democratrepublican machinery and it looks as if too few people have the courage and/or ability to simply get off of that privately owned corporate machine.

I would love to be proven wrong.