October 2017

U.S. Political Class Looks Away as Cuba Details Impact of U.S. Blockade

Tea at the Institute: a Dispatch From Najaf, Iraq

Corker and Flake Take Aim: GOP Rumblings Against Trump

Corker and Flake: Heroes or Zeroes?

Rebel Music

Sticks and Stones: Free Speech and Punching Politics

Self-Assured Destruction (SAD): 21 Incidents Show How Donald Trump’s 24-Hour Nuclear Alert Could Literally Backfire

Decency Lost: McCarthyism Revisited

Why Harvard Law School Matters: A New Critique

Sex Trafficking Can Be Stopped Without Destroying Free Speech and Innovation

“Anthem Protestors” Should Stop Mucking Around and Make Their Demands

The Real Reason We’re in This Mess

Trump’s Benghazi

Review: Khary Lazarre-White’s “Passage”

Niger, Niger Burning Bright

Twitter Versus RT: Which One is State Media Again?

Landscape War: Vegas and District

Granting Palestinians the Right to Work can Salvage Lebanon’s Economy

The Political Economy of Fascism

On the Centennial of the Revolution, a Few Thoughts About the Film “Reds”

10 Ways Major League Baseball Has Been Diminished

America: Divided and Conquered?

Free Speech and Environmental Protests in Australia

General Kelly Should Just Shut Up

The Simulacra Democracy

Cowardly New World: Alternative Media Under Attack by Algorithms

Don’t Call the Cops If You’re Autistic, Deaf, Mentally Ill, Disabled or Old

A Nonviolent Strategy to End Violence

Xi Jinping Thought Enshrined in Communist Party Charter

Celebrating the March and Levitation of the Pentagon

Encryption: Christopher Wray’s “Huge, Huge Problem” is an Age-Old Inconvenience

Slaughterhouse Breaks: Fugitive Cattle from the Burroughs

Decoding Donald

With or Without a Birth Control Mandate: Why American Women Still Lose

US Soldiers in Niger: a Hidden Global Mission

Small Nuclear Reactors, a 50s Nightmare Come Back to Haunt Us

Decertifying the Iran Nuke Deal: Trading History for Hysteria

Puerto Rico Still in the Dark: the Case of Whitefish Energy and Million Dollar a Year Lineman

Democracy at Stake: Battle Lines over DACA and the Dream Act

Puerto Rico After Maria: Owning the Problem

The Curse of Men

The Harmful Effects of Antifa

Xi’s Road Map to the Chinese Dream

Worst of Both Worlds: Puerto Rico’s Dual Crises

NPR, the CIA and Corporatism

Elián González: Saved by Angels and Dolphin to Condemn Imperialism at the World Festival of Youth and Students

Alabama’s “Baghdad Bob” of Death Row

The Weinstein Empire: Extreme as Normal

When Conspiracies Meet: Donald Trump and the JFK Files

My Gold Star Mother Has a Message for General Kelly: Go to Hell and Stay There

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