Martin Billheimer

Martin Billheimer lives in Chicago.

At the Cusp: Marcel Brion

There is No Vacation Anymore

In the American Snake Oil Stain

Palpitations of the Pulps

“The Cops & the Klan Go Hand in Hand!”

The Other Gorgon: Surrealism & Photography, c. 1929

The Yiddish Art of Suicide

Knight Crawlers

In Memoriam X 7: The Late, Late al Baghdadi

Oulipo Goes to Japan

To Vanish Jack the Ripper

A Clerk’s Guide to the Unspectacular, 1914

Sylvan Shock Theater

The Gothic and the Idea of a ‘Real Elite’

Closed Shave: T. O. Bobe, the Girl and Curl

Fourth Shift Chicago

Night Life of the Odd: Jean Ray’s Whisky Tales

American Advertising Cookbooks and Our Sons of Bitches

Remedios Varo: A Cure for Magic Out of Chance

Late Year’s Hits for the Hanging Sock

The Bitter Tears of Portland Stone

Here Cochise Everywhere

La Grand’Route: Waiting for the Bus

White & Red Aunts, Capital Gains and Anarchy

Resident Aliens: “The Brickeaters,” a Novel by The Residents