October 2017

Is Xi Jinping Attaining Cult Status Like Mao Zedong?

The Origins of the Cuban-American Mafia in Miami

Trump’s Shameful Enablers

CIA in Afghanistan: Operation Phoenix Redux?

Inside Hitler’s Office: Still Lessons to be Learned From World War II

Rural American Vignettes

The American War

Trump’s War Against His Own Voters

The Sad Life of the Conservative Film Critic

The Brazilian Trump’s Visit to Washington Ends in Failure

The FBI’s Forgotten Criminal History

Four Dead in Niger. Anybody Know Why?

Setback for the French Germanophiles

The Art of Trolling – an Analysis of a Toxic Trend

Careening Toward Nuclear War: the Political Paralysis of Europe, Russia and China

Hidden Danger of Ecological Collapse

Insider Threat Program Training and Trump’s War on Leaks

An Independent Thinker’s Guide to the Tax Debate

Congress Can Stop War with North Korea

There’s No Defense for Founding Fathers Who Practiced Slavery

Dying for the Empire is Not Heroic

The Global Food and Health Crisis: Monsanto’s Science is Bogus

The Tragedy of American Foreign Policy

Hillary Clinton: Cold Creepiness with a Side of Corruption

Will the Military Throw the Book at Bowe Bergdahl?

Puerto Rico and the Jones Act Conundrum

Looking for a Glass of Water and a Place to Shit

Venezuela Regional Elections: Chavismo in Triumph, Opposition in Disarray and Media in Denial

From Jamaica to Knees

Tomorrow Belongs to the Corporatocracy

Male Sexual Violence: As American as Cherry Pie

Why is Nobelist Economist Richard Thaler so Jovial?

Socialism, Land and Banking: 2017 Compared to 1917

The Blueprint for the Most Radical City on the Planet

Kirkuk Redux Was a Bloodless Offensive, Here’s Why

Two Soviet Spies Who Deserve a Posthumous Nobel Peace Prize

The Mundaneness of Sexual Violence

Relocated Puerto Rican Families are Florida’s Latest Class War Targets

Why We Shouldn’t Let Hillary Haunt Us … And Why Having a Vision Matters


NAFTA Talks Falter, Time To Increase Pressure

Review: Candida R. Moss and Joel S. Baden’s “Bible Nation: the United States of Hobby Lobby”

Bitch, Get Out!!

China’s Elderly Statesmen

Fatah, Hamas, Israel and the United States

Goldman Sachs vs. Goldman Sachs?

Immigration and the American Political Imagination

Australia’s Citizenship Bill Fails

Yes, We Need to Tax the Rich

The Choreography of Human Dignity: Blade Runner 2049 and World War Z

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