October 2017

Disobeying Spain: the Catalan Referendum for Independence

Kaepernick, Patriotism, and the Perversion of Protest

Death in a Dead Land

Does America Have a Gun Problem… or a White Supremacy Capitalist Empire Problem?

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Refugee

Strange Events in September: Pressure on Swedish and UK Radiation Risk Scientists to Re-Evaluate Exposure Laws

The Ecosocialism of Joel Kovel

A State Assembly Race in Rural Virginia Gains National A

Two Storms Hit Puerto Rico: Maria and Colonialism

Going After the Dreamers

Incident at Har Adar: a Tale of Two Stories

Century of Revolutions

How Long, America?

“A Britain for the Many, Not Just the Few”

The Cruelest Storm: A Statement for Puerto Rico

In Maria’s Wake, Could Puerto Rico Go Totally Green?

American Ignorance About Puerto Rico

The Great Acceleration Death Trap

Great Hunger

Why the Kurdish Independence Referendum was a Miscalculation

New Jersey is a One-Party State

Order Prevails in Barcelona as Democracy Dies in Madrid

Regulation Is Killing Community Banks, But Public Banks Can Revive Them

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