October 2017

On Catalonia: Debates in the Greek Left

Trump’s Iran Deal

Where’s Duterte From and Where’s He Going To?

Trump’s Unprecedented Right-Turn on Foreign Policy

Is Trump a ‘Moron?’

The Republican Tax Plan to Slow Growth

Trump’s War on the Mind

The Real Reasons Trump is Quitting UNESCO

The Real Destabilizer in the Middle East is Not Iran But Trump

Climate Change Insurgent: Tony Abbott’s Crusade

Pakistan Faces a Life-Threatening Military Coup

Austerity, Macron-Style

My Friend From ISIS in Raqqa

The Return of One-Man Rule in China?

Wrongful Rhetoric and Trump’s Strategy on Iran

Trumpcare for Veterans? VA Outsourcing Will Create Healthcare Industry Bonanza

Men and Sexual Assault in the Age of Trump

Beyond Taking a Knee: Duane Thomas, Where are You When We Need You?

If You Work for Justice in Palestine, Why Won’t You Let Palestinians Speak?

Assassination in Guerrero: the Murder of Ranferi Hernandez Acevedo

The NIMPE Critique of Antifa

Civil War in Venezuela: US Joint Operation With Colombia?

A Tale of Two Islands

Capturing the Flag

The Rich Can’t Achieve Plurality, But the Poor Can

The Terrible Problem

ISIS is Facing Near Total Defeat, But It Has Been Beaten and Come Back Before

We Will Soon See What the Word “Unity” Means for the Palestinian People

When a Radio Host Interviews a War Criminal, Is It Churlish to Ask About His War Crimes?

The De-Mexicanization of Duranguito Barrio, El Paso, Texas

The Phantom of Justice in Indian Country

The Baseless Myth of the Poor, Propagandized Catalans

Profiting from America’s Longest War: Trump Seeks to Exploit Mineral Wealth of Afghanistan

Imagine a Brand-New USA

Trump is Moving Toward War With Iran

Dirty Ties: the University of New Haven and Saudi Arabia

The Fall of Harvey Weinstein and the Sexual Blindspot of Misogyny

Will Donald Trump Be Undone By His Own Words?

Classism and Activism: Survival and Democracy

What Is Behind the Hamas-Fatah Reconciliation?

On “Independence”: Catalunia, Kurdistan, North Korea and Latin America

Riding the Dog

My History With Alexander Cockburn and the Financial Future of CounterPunch

The Man in the Soundproof Booth

Hamas Can Achieve the Right to Work For Palestinians in Lebanon by Reconciling With Fatah and Iran

Blade Runner 2049: I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You (Or Can I?)

Of Leprechauns, Nazis, and Truncheons

Bringing Down the Cali Cartel: “Narcos” Season 3

Orange Thing: Should It Stay or Should It Go?

Cowboy’s Boss Draws a Line in Sand: “Stand for Anthem or Else”

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