Late-Stage Canal Capitalism

Canals are always a bloody business to get completed. Estimates put the Suez death toll as high as 130,000 workers and the Panama Canal construction numbers are perhaps around 30,000. In our times, what if there is another canal in the works to eclipse even these grim numbers? A canal with a front-end hunger for lives– not from workers, but from massive numbers of children and other civilian deaths. A  necessary input for the capitalist misadventure to even begin?

While most in the West continue to be spoon-fed narratives that are literally (in the case of CNN and others) approved by the Israeli military prior to airing US Corporate Media Outlets Allow IDF to Vet ‘All Materials’ From Embedded Reporters in Gaza ( , the real motivations for such carnage may not be what most think.

We all remember the images of the stuck boat in the Suez Canal in 2021—it will forever be in our minds as an example of someone’s worst day on the job. Even worse than if someone shows up and curses during your job as a haunted house tour guide. Just terrible. But think about what that image implied. The canal is not large enough for the perceived needs of the globalist elite. Instead of looking towards decreasing massively wasteful planet-wrecking transport of oils across the globe or slowing down the moving of plastic gewgaws thousands of miles from their point of manufacture, the impetus is for more, larger, and greater waste. A huge canal can do just that. And it can do it in a manner that enriches the coffers of US ally/friend with benefits Israel like no project in recent memory.

The Ben Gurion Canal Project is what I speak of. It’s a canal that has been in the planning stages since back in the 1960s and it could provide a larger canal than what the world currently offers– building it through rocky terrain (more suited to canals than alternative sandy soil). The problem is all those souls and buildings in the way.

These leaders with nothing more than a hungry ghost of greed motivating them may want a canal with the financial windfall and power that would come from it more than they want to exhibit the barest sliver of humanity. And these things through history generally are successful.

But for how much longer?

It is said that this is the first social media genocide. For those of us who aren’t consuming only television news in the United States, those who are on the known sites…..well we have seen things that shake one to the very core. You don’t see a father holding the top half of what is left of his toddler, see a baby with most of her brain blasted out leaving a hollow core, a makeshift C-Section from a dead mother without being left in a state of moral agitation. It’s true, we humans can disassociate from violence at a distance, but once those images are in your head, they will never be gone until the day you die. The sociopaths in power aren’t moved by such things but the rank and file who see them are almost universally moved. That is why they don’t want you to see them, to not even consider looking. Keep your eyes closed, don’t listen to anything but what we want you to hear.

Humans treat each other generally with care in close quarters– yes there are notable exceptions, but we usually look out for our family, our friends. That is how we have made it this long, how we give birth to infants who need direct care for such a long time. We take care of each other and empathy is hard-wired. It takes work to remove it before we send our soldiers to war.

We would never think to solve familial or neighborhood problems with bombs (okay, again, the vast majority of us), but somehow this becomes acceptable on a large scale and we accept this as proof of some kind of original sin inherent to all of us. We suck as humans and this is just how it is, the notion goes. That narrative best suits the few of us who truly do not have empathy. What better cover for your moral transgressions than to plant the seed that we are all bereft of humanity? We certainly have more in common with each other than we do with the psychotic leaders propelling this hell forward. But again, this new social media genocide brings those cement-gray little lifeless bodies in close proximity to you. You see the children being lovable as all children are and then you see their needless and shocking deaths. This is why the leaders do not want the narrative to flip, to open up the humanity that is suffering. Hell, they might not get their new profit-making canal built.

The fact that perhaps 1,000 + children are still in rubble by some accounts, some dead and some on their way to dying—well, they are dying completely alone. Cold and in pain. Most humans can not abide by that. The only way large-scale numbers of humans can rubber stamp indiscriminate violence is if they do not have it clearly in their heads what this actually looks like. Now they do. No more. And no more deaths for late-stage capitalism’s pet projects.

Kathleen Wallace writes out of the US Midwest. Her writing is collected on her Substack page.