Strike a match?  Jump back!

Will there be a spark initiating a cascade, a rebellion, a realignment?  Will it even matter?  A Fluxus of purgation? Can weak minded pseudo- lefties ever get it straight? Can right winglets out to blindly wreck the world in their own image, with the sauce of your apathy, make it a better place?
You won’t stop them with puny little protests in the streets (not to say you shouldn’t try, but that’s not the half of what’s required)
You won’t stop them with litters to the editor
You won’t stop them with shouts and incantations or especially, even better ideas
They have guns.  They will use them.
Bullshit gerrymandered politicians elected by misled fearful masses
will be ready to roll over you and you and you and all you love and all the order you think you love
BTW, cops won’t be there to save you.  They will be too busy bustin’ heads, like they’re programmed to do, all according to your governments business model

How can a house built to be divided stand?

Meanwhile Gaia Burns (for now)
Meanwhile oil companies thrive
Meanwhile Lockheed and the mega MAGA war beast affirm global annihilation, no exact date, but soon.  Soon
Meanwhile in the interregnum, stupidity prevails.  As usual.
You won’t stop them with kumbayas
You won’t stop them with logic or reason
Too much bloody water flows under all the bridges of our world
Righting half the wrongs could take a million years
Will it be abortion and the Corrupt Supreme Court?
Will it be gas prices or do you just have gas in your mind?
Will it be black lives matter or not?
For f*** sake all lives “matter”!  Yet mother nature doesn’t give a rat’s ass about even one of them
These are cheap manufactured shadows passing in an afternoon, an eyeblink, a sad, fading moment as an entire bank, yea, an entire veritable wedgie of black swans lands on us all

Gaia aint woke.  She never slept!

The wrongs of the last 15000 years will not be corrected with legislation
The closed end death religion of capitalism will Eat you.  Alive.  It’s nature’s way, in case you hadn’t noticed.  About the only natural thing about capitalism is it’s obedience to cascading failure.

One day, sooner than you think,  the Earth will be silent
There will be no more human voices, high jets, screams
There will be no more human flatulence and strife
Only wind whistling through ruins, eroding one concrete grain at a time, and the susurrus of waves rinsing shores
There will only be the quiet slow decay of all our toxins, cigarette butts, dioxin and furans and so many more nameless tortured-alphabet concoctions
And a million years or 10 down-the-line, when the radioactivity has subsided, when the forever chemicals have finally broken down
When the quadrillions of plastic particles, countless as the sand grains of all the worlds beaches, finally uncouple and become something else, malleable, reincorporated,
New creatures will have grown, grown and emerged and flourished and swarmed in the tiny interstices we left unviolated and new ones that emerge
Because we didn’t have time to do a truly thorough whack job on the earth
From abyssal volcanic smokers will emerge new survivors
From the mycelium that pervade the entire surface and lithic depths of the Earth will come new forms
From cockroaches and bacteria and algae and rotifers will emerge new beings
Perhaps to reinvent trees perhaps to reinvent butterflies perhaps to reinvent a new pervasive Sun-drenched system, a nuanced trial version somewhat like what existed before we came along and prematurely announced we were boss
Know the star-birthed elements we are formed of will recombine, will find new manifestations beyond infestation, as the resonance of karma reharmonizes our tiny speck of matter floating through the Durga we call now

Oh, the spark will come, rest assured. Empires and even universes all pass…You won’t hear it, but in a flux of fractal Lagrangian numbers, your cells may feel it, soon, if they haven’t already
Make your peace with this universe, though it really, really doesn’t care.  It just let’s itself try and try again.