The Tail Don’t Wag the Dog: Israel and the United States

The tail don’t wag the dog, and the United States government was not somehow infiltrated and manipulated into supporting the capitalistic, ever-expansive, angry, and war-like successive governments in Israel, nor was it manipulated into supporting the right-wing Israeli settlers who undermined every attempt at peace any Israeli president ever made.  The United States government did these things of its own free will.  The tail don’t wag the dog.

Every UN vote of approval, every million dollars spent, every weapon sent, every congressional measure of praise for the Israeli image(devoid of Palestinian reality), starting from the first cheering vote of recognition in 1948, each one of these things the United States government does as though a proud father to its Israeli son. Some fathers raise their sons to be just like them, and simultaneously pass on a heavy karmic burden; others raise their children to grow far beyond them.

Many of the most racist and violent Israeli settlers in Palestine are from the United States, and are allowed to live lavishly on welfare/fundraised money, with no work other than attacking the Palestinians living next door to them.

Perhaps the United States government is somehow unaware of this situation, or perhaps they simply don’t tell the public and keep such things under the rug, far from public discussion.

American people living in Palestine who are literally funded to hate and attack, Americans, like Miriam Levinger of the Bronx, Baruch Marzel, and Baruch Goldsteinof Brooklyn, among others, live smack in the middle of Hebron, Palestine, a culturally-rich city and economic engine of the region.  These Americans live well on fundraised-welfare with no occupation other than attacking children, women, elderly people, ambulance drivers, men, fathers, activists, freedom-fighters who are daily protecting their homes, neighborhood, city, and society and who are praying for an end to the genocidal rage they face every day in a place once called paradise.  The Israeli soldiers who are stationed to protect the Israeli(American) settlers are also funded and armed by the United States government.  Which tail wags which dog here?  Is the United States government a hapless and innocent player in this that just can’t figure out how to make peace?

Many Palestinians support BDS, pressuring the Israeli government to cease its addiction to brutality and cruelty, to violence, greed, colonization, and occupation.  And what should the world’s response be to the United States government?

Certainly in the United States, our government has hid in plain site in the debacle of Israel and Palestine.  Fed to the American people were things like “Oh those people are just always fighting over there,” and “Palestinians have no reason to be unhappy and are just a bunch of irrational militants full of hate,” and “We U.S. government representatives hope to lead those pitiful people to peace,” and “They just can’t make peace over there” – while the reality was far, far different.

The tail don’t wag the dog, and proud influential fathers cannot act like they have nothing to do with the conditions that make up the genocide in Palestine.  The United States government nearly birthed Israel along with Britain, has staunchly supported it for its more than 70 years of existence, and yet acts like the catastrophe that has daily ensued is some sort of preordained certainty that no one can fix.

The United States government must surely be berated for its multi-layered and pervasive role in Palestine – and the sooner and most-effective way, the better.

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