Bloomberg Condoned Sexual Assault by NYPD 

U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kevin S. O’Brien – Public Domain

New York must be the ugliest and the dirtiest city in the world. It must have the ugliest buildings and the nastiest people. It’s got to have the worst cops.

James Baldwin, If Beale Street Could Talk

Sunday, Nov. 24, I watched some white media women led by Stephanie Ruhle, a former Bloomberg employee, gush all over Bloomberg’s announcement that he was running for president. When the interviewer asked about Bloomberg’s condoning Stop and Frisk, Ms. Ruhle said that it brought down the crime rate. She probably had black and Latinx men in mind, whom bourgeois feminists regard as disposable because they’re in no position to advance their careers.

Hundreds of thousands were stopped and frisked with the approval of Michael Bloomberg and others. Some of those assigned to the task have psychological issues. When I read that one of the cops, Dan Pantaleo, stripped two black men and fondled their genitals, I figured he must have had an orgasm while choking Eric Garner to death.

Stephanie Ruhle said, previously, that she would serve in a Bloomberg White House. What she omitted as she served as lead cheerleader for Michael Bloomberg was the 16,000 black and Latinx women who were also stopped and frisked. Many by men.

Her neglect to mention black and brown women is the reason why black women have had problems with white bourgeois and corporate feminism for over 100 years. They have been joined in the last decades by Native-American, Latinx, and Asian-American feminists, who regard white corporate feminism as insensitive to their needs.

Some of the perverts among the NYPD used Stop and Frisk as an excuse to invade the intimate body areas of black and Latinx women. I submit testimonies of two women who were humiliated by some creeps among the NYPD. Both were quoted in The New York Times, March 23, 2016, in an article by Benjamin Weiser.

[The police] told Crystal Pope and her friends that they were searching for a male rapist. She said: “A male officer should not have a right to touch me in any sort of manner, even if it’s on the outside of my clothing,” Ms. Galloway said. “We’re girls. They are men. And they are cops. It feels like a way for them to exert power over you.” Crystal Pope, 22, said she and two female friends were frisked by male officers last year in Harlem Heights. The officers said they were looking for a rapist. It was an early spring evening at about 6:30 p.m. The three women sat talking on a bench near Ms. Pope’s home on 143rd Street when the officers pulled up and asked for identification, she said. “They tapped around the waistline of my jeans,” Ms. Pope said. “They tapped the back pockets of my jeans, around my buttock. It was kind of disrespectful and degrading. It was uncalled-for. It made no sense. How are you going to stop three females when you are supposedly looking for a male rapist?”

Another victim was interviewed by the Times:

Ms. Archibald’s interaction with the police occurred shortly after she had left work. The two uniformed officers drove up in a squad car and stopped her as she fished inside her purse for keys to her house on Walton Avenue in Morris Heights, she said. Ms. Archibald, a 21-year-old hairdresser, said the encounter was made worse by the number of people out on the street that night. “There were a lot of guys from the neighborhood outside,” she said, “and here is this officer squeezing one of my sanitary pads in front of everyone.” One officer, she recalled, lifted up her long tank top and lightly brushed his hand over the elastic waist of her spandex leggings. They instructed her to pinch the shirt fabric between her breasts and yank at her bra.

“They asked me to snap my bra, to pull and shake it a bit, to see if anything fell out,” Ms. Archibald said. Nothing did, she said. And they let her go.

Bloomberg’s condoning the actions of NYPD freaks and perverts should be enough to disqualify him from the primary, but the patriarchs will stick up for him like they’re refusing to reveal the 1000 names in Jeffrey Epstein’s black book, which purportedly includes a who’s who of the American Establishment.

Judge Shira Scheindlin is the hero of this practice that gave New York the appearance of a Southern city during white-terror episodes following Reconstruction, when blacks were stopped in the streets for no cause. In a 195-page decision, she found that the New York Police Department had resorted to a “policy of indirect racial profiling” in the way it stopped people in minority communities, and she ordered that sweeping reforms be imposed on the department and that a monitor oversee the process.” This upset Michael Bloomberg.

Despite the protests of Bloomberg, Bratton and others, her ruling has stood. She ended this Nazi practice, which was used against the Jews in the streets of Paris and Berlin during the 1930s and 40s and during  the early 1900s when Irish cops picked on New Yorkers who looked Jewish.

PEN Oakland, awarded Judge Scheindlin the Adelle Foley Award, named for the late poet and humanist. She wanted to attend the awards ceremony but we couldn’t afford to bring her out from New York. The New York Times regularly runs full-page ads about wealthy organizations recognizing outstanding women. Why haven’t they awarded Judge Scheindlin recognition? She is a profile in courage.

Now Bloomberg has apologized for Stop and Frisk. Adopting a strategy used successfully by the marketers of “Hamilton, The Revolution,” he sought to distract from his role in the molestation of black and Latinx women by filling his 38 million dollar ad with black faces.

When the Patriarchs decided to drum Kamala Harris out of the campaign for sassing powerful white men and turn her slot over to one of their own, Bloomberg, they enlisted a former Harris campaign worker, Kelly Mehlenbacher, to help do the job, after she went to work for Bloomberg. Ms. Mehlenbacher was quoted in The Times’ hit piece on Harris. Is Ms. Mehlenbacher on board with her boss’s humiliating her black and Latinx sisters? By joining the Bloomberg campaign, she is supporting a candidate who approved of cops waving the menstrual equipment of black women before crowds for a demented form of fun. By contrast, Kamala Harris walks away with her head held high and as someone who, as one of Trump’s Senate prosecutors, now presents more of a threat to Trump than she did as a candidate for president.

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