August 2019

Night and Day, Being and Nonbeing

The Stupidity of Smart Devices and Smart Cities

Global Climate Movement: Darkest Before the Dawn

Environmental Collaborators, Hang Your Heads in Shame

Indonesia’s Journalists Grapple With Islamism

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Brazil, the Amazon, and Global Warming

Billionaires are a Sign of Economic Failure

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A Plea From the Animal Kingdom

Trump’s Other Wall

“The Amazon is not empty land”: Indigenous people’s fight for life in Brazil

Why is the Climate Changing Like This?

Endangering the Ark

CEOs Say Shareholders Won’t Be No. 1 Anymore. Turns Out They Already Weren’t

Algerians Patiently Protest

On the Persistence of Religion

The World is Watching Kashmir

The Greek Way to a Green Planet

Trump’s Trade War and the Emerging Corporatist-Fascist State

Fire and the “Changing Narrative” Thing

Captain Pia Klemp Arrives as David Koch Departs the United States of Altamont

Canada and Bolsonaro

Bolsonaro Fiddles While the Amazon Burns

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse Fuel the Fires of Hate and Destruction

Should We Fight a War on White Terrorism?

Argentina: The Political Pendulum may be Swinging Left Again in Latin America

Is Trump Outorganizing the Democrats?

Peace Journalism for the Koreas Negotiations

Will the DNC Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory Yet Again?

Trump, Greenland and Manifest Destiny

The Week Trump Hit Peak Megalomania

From Protest to Power

Boris Johnson, GMOs and Glyphosate: Irresponsible, Negligent and Criminal?  

Freedom of the Press? Not in the U.S.

Are Sanders and Warren Throwing a Lifeline to the Military-Industrial Complex?

Hong Kong: Their Head-Bashers … and “Ours”

RIP Neal Casal: “White Fence Round House”

Dean Wareham – Episode 137

Oil Pipelines and a Climate Crisis Warning from the Haida

Flying the Flag

‘Everything has Turned Upside Down’ in Sangole

Trump Never Had a Grand Strategy for China: They Were Just Tariff Tantrums

Trump Administration Proposal to Roll Back Logging Rules is Reckless

Participatory Evolution

The Chosen One

Plan B

Imperial Sentiments: Donald Trump, Greenland and Colonial Real Estate

The Hitler-Stalin Pact of August 23, 1939: Myth and Reality

Trump and the Climate Crisis–a Crime Against Humanity