Adrian Kuzminski is a scholar, writer and citizen activist who has written a wide variety of books on economics, politics, and democracy. 

Peace Treaty to End the Ukrainian War

One Ukraine or Two?

The Peoples’ Money: Transitioning to a Steady State Economy

Racial Socialism

A Modest Proposal: How to Break Up Corporations and Redistribute Wealth in the United States

Unearned Income for All

What’s Wrong with Ranked Choice Voting: A Response to Howie Hawkins

Monetary Justice

What’s Wrong with Ranked Choice Voting

The Covid-19 Opportunity

Home Sweet Home: District Campaign Financing

Trump’s Crime Against Humanity

Flying the Flag

Doing the Math: What it Takes to Fund a Universal Basic Income

Your Check is in the Mail

Avoiding Authoritarian Socialism

Understanding Populism

Democratizing Money

The Green New Deal

What is Truth?

Populism Revisited

Is Compromise Possible?

The Politics of Virtue

The Return of the Repressed

The Counter-Revolution

The End of the Republic and the Coming of the Neo-Kinship World

The Death of American Politics