Understanding ‘Brexit’ as Portmanteau

‘Never let a good crisis go to waste.’

– Winston Churchill

A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what’s going on.

– William S. Burroughs

‘Here again am I in this mean old town…’

– Dire Straits , ‘So Far Away’, Album ‘Brothers in Arms’, Vertigo (UK) Warner Bros (US) 1985.

While the ‘Pound Sterling’ as has origins approx 775 Ad is not the ‘Euro’ as has origins 1999 AD  to an anomaly of the UK’s current presence in the European Economic Community as used to be known in the Thatcher/Reagan era as ‘The Common Market’; it is from the same ‘People’ as brought the Euro as brought the Dollar 1913 AD as brought the Pound – this in reverse chronological order – and as to ‘permit granted’ such the control and issue at a geopolitical level, alas?

‘Currency control and issue’ is the root of austerity?

‘Sideline’: the death of the Gold backed ‘African Dinar’ and the demonization of Gaddafi commensurate the destruction of Libya and the Arab Jamariya not expressive of ‘happenstance’ apropos?

– We ‘paranoids’ elect to make a ‘joining of the dots’ as would otherwise be unseen, this sense of an ‘orthodoxy’ as defined by Orwell resisted?

Do ‘paranoids’ deserve a voice such sense as remark attributed to Voltaire:

‘I disapprove of what you say, but shall defend to the death your right to say it’

Listening – make the case’ – so it goes as to the real meaning of Democracy as permitted?

– So what is all this fuss about ‘Brexit’ as currently exhausting the populace of Britain by way of a crisis?

Interpretation here: that the manufacture of crisis as ‘Brexit’ represents  is all about ‘illusion’ as psycho political; and as the progress to ‘one currency’ as Globalist aspiration having necessary recourse to disguise  -as a unified form of imprisonment phenomenological by way of the ‘power of mind over mind’ explicated?

‘We do not want your filthy stinking dollars as much as your filthy stinking pounds as much as your filthy stinking euros‘ –  so it goes as to a transcendence of ‘tooldom’ and paraphrase?

‘We’ do not want your filthy stinking austerity.

Regardless of any Brexit as whether ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ the same people as control the Pound as control the Euro, as control the Dollar, will prevail?

The filthy stink as of ‘Ecocide’ remains in the air as ‘monetised’?

– That is to say; belief in ‘fiat currency’ remains a license for expropriation; and who controls such ‘currency issue’ thereof as ‘fiat’ is a matter of the deepest private interest?

As exemplification concerning ‘Deep State’ : the history of the Federal Reserve as a hegemonic body concerning the control and issue of the dollar, for example, is one replete with assassinations and as would accordant Cultural Hegemony be shrouded in secrecy; G. Edward Griffin as a contended ‘conspiracy theorist’, etymology latter term courtesy of CIA,  performed an admirable service to Democracy by way of detailing but one ‘elephant in the room’ – which would otherwise be denied, despite the rampage by way of precipitate widespread as Geopolitical, immiseration,  precipitate thereof?

The text of ‘The Beast from Jekyll Island’as merits consideration is freely available as yet here.

Concerning the nature of the CIA and ‘etymology’ as pragmatic, the Fugs‘nailed it’ over half a Century ago?

Once upon a time apropos, 23 December 1913 AD, ‘Christmas’ came early’ for stateless bastards?

Two World Wars later and ‘we’ still here?

Concerning ‘Conspiracy’ and as to ‘Theory’; the definition of ‘paranoia’ by William S.  Burroughs as given above,  is apposite?

When the Euro, the Dollar and the Pound all have ‘parity’ under power of the control and issue of ‘Currency’, i.e. exchange rate One Dollar =One Euro = One Pound and the same ‘group’ as controls and issues same to point of such parity as expropriative and arrogative such the consolidation Geopolitical; then mere ‘names’ by way of denomination are irrelevant as much as the ‘Sovereignty’ they once represented – other than pursuant to the propagation of illusion as ‘necrotrophic/evil’?

This as to not as to ‘one man in a million’ as Keynes explicated?

‘Sideline’: the ‘Greek Drachma’ as once was, and culture as sovereign destroyed  instanced under austerity of embrace of the Euro, explicates the power of the abuse of belief which the ‘control and issue of currency’ represents?

Such the ‘Nakba‘ as much as the ‘Thanatos’? (‘Duckduckgo’ it, so it goes)

‘Diversity’ as to illusion and as concerns ‘running the world’ as a form of exploitation was admirably explicated in an article by ‘New Scientist’ in 2011 which remainshere. It would be most interesting to see an update deploying the same methodology?

A large part of the illusion of ‘currency control’ as extrapolated upon; and here we confine ourselves to the ‘Western World’, is that ‘Politicians’ are elected on the basis of representation of the ‘Demos‘?

This is false?

The same ‘people’ as brought such as Donald Trump, Theresa May, Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel and Jean Claude Junker to political power pursue as by way of mere ‘marionettes’ a common neoliberal agenda such the Globalization of ‘Currency’ as would be; such the austerity of illusion as would be ‘un transcended’, sense of the transcendentalism  as Thoreau explicated concerning ‘tools’ as to extrapolation?

A recent ‘ideological excursion’ as ‘vacation taken from Hegemony’ by these small quarters; and as to parallel between politicians and the control of currency concerning: Steve Mnuchin, Mark Carney and Mario Draghi, all of whom ‘ex Goldman Sachs’ such the ‘happenstance’, resulted in the following ‘picture’, of a ‘Little’ as Geopolitical indeed:

– As they say as paraphrased in the ‘Lone Star State’:

You gotta dance (as a marionette) with them as brung ya to the Party’?

‘Austerity – it is all about the transfer of resources from the Demosto a minority?

It is just the ‘love of money’ – as shall prove to be ‘Ecocidal’ such the ‘squeeze of the pips’ as to a bitter suck thereof?

Politicians as much as  orthodox economists on the payroll of hegemony such the juice  as stringed contingent by way of ‘line followed’  indeed serve not the Demosunder a Corporatist degeneration of ‘Democracy’; rather they serve the moneyed interests  of an elite minority which put them in power – such the ‘Currency’ as extrapolated upon, such the ‘Corporatocracy?

Moneyed interests as ‘Corporatist’ are not theDemossuch the parasitology at work whereby a minority is ‘served’ by economy – and such the ‘care not’?

The humble leech is capable of secreting blood thinning agents and is suspected, given painlessness of the bite, of also secreting an anaesthetising substance.

‘Quantitative ease’ and ‘selective distribution’ from Banker to Banker such the ‘International Finance’ facilitates a parasitology at a geoeconomic level as expression of the utility of austerity: it is as a silent transfer of resources which would be beyond our comprehension or questioning by way of ‘paranoia’ so imputed – and such the abuse of trust in ‘authority’ as hegemonic by way of illusion profitable for a few?

Such the pragmatism of ‘Paranoia’?

Are there questions which are forbidden?

Does ‘ Never question me!’ come to mind?

The metaphor of a ‘Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation’ (CAFO) as develops upon political conceptualisation by Orwell in ‘Animal Farm is apposite such the synonymy of a Military Industrial Complex as POTUS 34 phrased?

Are ‘we’ (sense of Zamyatin) ‘on a roll’ here?

‘Brexit’ is apropos as much an illusion same sense as the diversification  by way of name only; the ‘boys and girls’  (these small quarters a ‘boy’ sense of puer aeternus, no patronisation intended) at ‘UK Column’have a ‘lesser attenuated’ signal by way of potential burst of bubble of illusion, such the ‘little of what is going on’ explicated?

The ‘knife stuck in nine inches pulled out six inches’ and so to progress stated remains stuck in?

Malcolm X was assassinated – as such he joined a list too long to be enumerated in a small article such the pragmatics of cultural hegemony as to a ‘secret history’ and as much to resistance against tragedy?

The tragedy of ‘Brexit’ is as to that of illusion; it is that of some ‘Bipartisan’ assassination of ‘diversity’ as much as yet would retain control over the issue of ‘currency’?

The same people would’ retain control; the same austerity as would be imposed is as to a ‘transfer of resources’ under a mere illusion as would be to the abuse of belief of the majority?

You can trust me I am not like the others’ so it goes as to Hunter S. Thompson – and as  to illusion as psycho political?

‘Merry Christmas!’  as is ‘Anti Semitic’ such the conflation – such the Cultural Hegemony as psycho political as much as ‘Brexit’  an expression of the control and issue of currency resisted?

‘Peace and Love to all’ – or is such a questionable expression as would be ‘excommunicated’ by way of the control and issue of currency?

‘Excommunication’ meaning no questions permitted such the control and issue of currency?

‘Merry Christmas!’ as would be in times of universal deceit revolutionary?

‘Sometimes it’s hard to be a Goyim’as paraphrase of Dolly Parton goes?

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