Seeing Trumpism in the Broad & Far-Reaching-Implications on the Entire World

Photograph by Nathaniel St. Clair

It is important to get a glimpse of the wider far-reaching design of Donald Trump beyond the person as he is more the instrument in the early stage of the full control of the agenda and complete dominance of the neoliberal white supremacist of the destiny of the world.

As one on varied occasions perceived Trumpism as the transient of a populist movement; however, it is now becoming more clear that Trumpism in its final goal is a broad of far-reaching implications of what one might have originally suspected.

What’s now becoming more obvious is that Trumpism is more than descriptions of what’s taking place in the US that’s reverberating across the entire world. Trumpism appears increasingly as a new paradigm that hinges on profound transformation with a system of neoliberal conservatism.

Trumpism increasingly appears as an aggressive form of creating facts-on- the ground paradigm.

The first stage of implementation of the new neoliberal paradigm is for neoliberals to further multiply their wealth through huge tax cuts and the lifting of all kind of restrictive regulations that act to constrain the neoliberals’ unfettered drive to the maximization of wealth.

The neoliberals are trying to position themselves in the power structure of competing interests as to set the political and socio-economic agenda for the US and the entire world by operating out of the principle of the “Golden Rule,” i.e. “The One Who Owns the Gold, Makes the Rules.”

Now Trumpism and the powerful neoliberal forces who rule America are operating out of a totally different paradigm that glimpses of which are slowly coming out. One can venture, at the cost of possible oversimplification, to sum up some of the glimpses of the new paradigm as follows:

1) Isolationism by fostering similar powerful neoliberal populist white supremacist movements in Europe in the example of Viktor Mihály Orbán in Hungary and the Brexit movement in the UK (Steve Bannon, a staunch proponent of this paradigm, is now in Europe dedicating most of his time to advising proponents of isolationist white supremacist extreme-populism-Europe movements in Europe).

2) In line with the above, work earnestly on causing a change of the Liberal regime in Canada in favor of replacement by Trumpism like-minded Canadian Conservatives. This seems intended for the buildup of a unified white supremacist neoliberal North American block.

3) Engage the world in arms race: The Trump Administration is keen on building up the US military by nearly doubling the Defense Budget and Military Spending. This seems to serve multiple objectives including maintaining a military supremacy as well as engage the world in an arms race that would oblige emerging powers and other nations to divert scarce national resources to important socio-economic development projects to keep up with Trump’s military expenditures. Vice-President Mike Pence came out last week with the news that the US is planning to militarize the outer space.

The beefing up of defense spending to instigate an arms race is reminiscent of President Ronald Regan’s engaging the Soviet Union in an arms race that ultimately caused the unraveling of the Communist Bloc. Aged Henry Kissinger remains at the helm advising the Trump Administration on Foreign policy.”

Interestingly, the recently flared up Saudi-Canadian crisis appears in certain ways to nicely fit into the Trump-Adelson’s plans to Influence the Canadian elections.

What seems to give credence to this theory is the Saudis’ most unattended exaggerated economic and trade retaliation against Canada that would be resulting in losses to the Canadian economy in excess of $15.0 billion that when added to Trump’s slapping of unprecedented new high tariffs on Canada, all will add to significant dollar losses to the Canadian economy that could weaken the position of the Canadian dollar.

All appears schemed to weaken the position of the Liberal Party and Mr. Trudeau’s chances of being reelected as Canada’s Prime Minister in the next national elections planned for next year. This, despite the fact that Trudeau still enjoys an excellent showing in the polls.

Justin Trudeau is proving a pariah to the North American Zionist forces as he seemed adamant in his opposition to the US’ moving of its Embassy to Jerusalem. Former Canadian Prime Minister of the Conservative Party, a staunch Zionist Stephen Harper, strongly supported Trump’s moves on both the important issues of the US withdrawal from the JCPAC – the Iranian Nuclear Deal, as well as Trump’s decision moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

Interestingly, only a few days after his return from attending the inauguration of the moving of the American Embassy to Jerusalem, American large donor Sheldon Alston invited Stephen Harper to his sprawling mansion in Las Vegas. The apparent purpose of the visit seemed to plan for the next move to ending the Canadian Liberal Party’s rule and to work for the return of the Canadian Conservatives to power.

The potential success of the return of the Canadian Conservative to power could signal the possibility that Canada could be next of the G7 to recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel and move the Canadian embassy to Jerusalem.

Stephen Harper, the king-maker in the Canadian Conservative Party, carried on with his plans appeasing and showing support to the Trump Administration as he visited the White House on July, 3 and met with the President national security advisor, John Bolton; and the President’s Chief Economic Advisor, Larry Ludlow, as the latter proved most undiplomatic blasting Justin Trudeau in most personal terms at the conclusion of the last G7 Conference. MR. Harper failed to observe and show the standard courtesy towards an incumbent Prime Minister by informing Mr. Trudeau of Harper’s planned visit.

As with the Saudis figuring in all of this, Harper’s policy director, Rachel Curran jumped on the bandwagon a few days ago blaming Mr. Trudeau for the crisis with the Saudis, tweeting, “We do not have a single friend in the whole entire world.”

This appears to figure in Trumpism’s view of the oil-rich Arab Gulf states, specifically Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the richest of the GCC Countries, as the milk cows to help fund and Advance Trump’s vision for the Middle with Iran figuring centrally.

As the Saudi Royalty seemed to overreact in the ensuing Saudi-Canadian crisis, The US, similarly, took a distant of siding with Canada as the issue pertains to human rights as instead the US State Department spokesperson, Heather Nauruan, declared, “Both sides need to diplomatically resolve this together. We can’t do it for them.” No reference here was made of violations of human rights been committed. Ironically, all this while the State Department in its last Report, 2017, on the status of Human Rights in the world, included, in a 50 – page section, a most scathing criticism of the state of human rights in Saudi Arabia.

Thus, no wonder the highly respected former Liberal Party leader, Bob Rae, lashed out in total shock and deep disappointment of Canada with its western allies, saying, “The British and the Trumpian run for cover and say ‘We are friends with both the Saudis and the Canadians. Thanks for the support for human rights, guys. We will remember this one for sure.”

Now, as with regard to the new paradigm ushered in by Trumpism, one wonders how all that would impact the Arabs and the Palestinians.

The new paradigm would prove a further blessing to the Israeli extreme right who for long have been in control of Israeli politics setting the Israeli political agenda along similar lines as the American white supremacist neoliberals.

Arab savvy political analysts consider the “Deal of the Century” conceived by President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and his small team of mostly extreme-orthodox Jews, including Jason Greenblatt, is an already foregone conclusion. It is a deal that otherwise best been prepared and issued by the extreme right government of Benjamin Netanyahu.

It is becoming obvious that the ultimate purpose of the “Deal of the Century” is to liquidate the Palestinian cause with a full redistribution of the indigenous Palestinians inside Israel and the occupied territories in a manner that would ultimately solve permanently the nagging problem of demography for Israel, causing Israel to finally claim its cleansed pure Jewishness as a state.

The new de facto ethnic cleansing scheme is starting with the problem of the 5.5 million Palestinian refugees scattered in several squalid refugee camps inside the Occupied Territories, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. The Trump Administration is taking pre-emptive steps to liquidate the Palestinian refugee problem. Firstly, the Trump Administration is significantly cutting the US’s contributions to UNRWA’s budget; thus, hampering the UN Relief and Work Agency from carrying out its mandate to care for the welfare of the 5.5 million Palestinian refugees. Secondly, it has been widely understood that the Trump Administration has been putting pressures on the Jordanian regime to change the status of the two million Palestinian refugees in Jordan to that of permanent Jordanian citizens.

The sovereignty, even the political stability of Jordan and the century-old rule of the Hashemite Dynasty appears to increasingly be on the balance.

The Trumpism’s ultimate drive to replace the world order to fit into the optic of Trumpism’s vision and new paradigm, including the creation of a cluster of likes isolationist white supremacist extreme-populism countries in Europe, could, very well, prove a boon to Israel. This could ultimately lead to the permanent easing of the pressures on Israel as currently applied by the EU demanding that Israel conforms to the Rules of the International Law; that Israel ends the occupation of the Arab Territories; and that Israel ceases and desists of its practices of violation of human rights.

Israel would likely be joining in the network of isolationist white supremacist systems of those in North America and Europe. It is rather quite symbolic in this vein that on the very first hours of voting by the Israeli Knesset (Israeli Parliament) to pass the Apartheid “Nation-State Law,” the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Mihály Orbán, was landing in Ben Gurion Airport on a state visit to Israel, as being received by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Thus, the new Trumpism paradigm would ultimately set the Israeli extreme right’s hands-free to act with impunity, without the constraints of observance of the rules of the International Law, the UN Resolutions, the Geneva Conventions and the observance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In conclusion, the new Trumpism paradigm would early set the stage to encourage Israel to further take the international law into its hands. The example is already set thus far by Trump’s defiance of the international law in recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and moving the US Embassy to East Jerusalem. This would act as a harbinger that will lead Israel to deploy, yet, more aggressive colonization policies; assume more aggressive militaristic posture against the Palestinians under occupation, as well as on Arab neighboring Lebanon and Syria. All of this, besides Israel’s carrying on unabated with its apartheid, colonization and human rights violations.

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Rajai R. Masri is a former lecturer of Finance at McGill University and Boston University.

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