A Spectacle of Fascism at a London Bookshop

The Bookmarks store in London (they really missed a trick with not naming it ‘BookMarx’) was attacked recently by far right fascist thugs. The Guardian has led with the headline “Far-Right protestors ‘ransack socialist bookshop in London’. As ever with the Guardian some exasperating at the language used has to be pointed out. I would love to understand how they could be considered protestors and protesting against what? There are no socialists in power in the UK. No socialist policies are being enacted. So in what reality can this be considered a protest? A protest at the very ideas of socialism?

That’s not a protest.

That’s a spectacle of fascism.

We also see how the rights cries of free speech are nothing but smoke and mirrors to fan their alternating stance of victimhood and power.

Wearing Trump masks and alternated shrieking between “TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP” to “Mohammeds a paedophile!” to accusing the bewildered clerk of being anti-semitic whilst holding a book titled The Jewish Question (written by a jewish Marxist Abraham Leon on the origins of anti-semitism before he was imprisoned and tortured by the gestapo then murdered by the nazis in Auschwitz).

It’s of course a breath taking leap in mental gymnastics to declare yourself a patriot of the UK whilst wearing the mask of a foreign leader and screeching a foreign leaders name.

Particularly when the Trump administration is looking at the UK’s position on Brexit in the way hyenas look at a wounded animal.

The US has already threatened that a US trade deal post brexit is at risk if the UK keeps it’s EU food and protection laws.

Today Business Insider leads today with a headline of “Trump will ‘force’ May’s government to accept hormone beef and chlorinated chicken after Brexit”. It’s interesting those screaming “traitors” at some poor shopkeeper are aligning themselves with forces which seek to worsen the lives of the people in the UK.

It’s not surprising to see Luke Nash-Jones in the video.

Luke Nash-Jones runs a youtube channel titled the Red Pill Factory. A nod toward a subreddit on reddit dedicated to ‘mens-rights’. (sigh). When in reality is a sordid little haven for people to practise misogyny with other freaks (as of writing there is a thread on that subreddit titled “First date failure, killed the vibe by insulting her (calling her a bitch)”. In between all the misogny, calling each other ‘betas’ and ‘alphas’ it acts almost like a kind of self help forum. Which is a shame really because working out and improving yourself are important things. Just a bit of a shame they’ve sandwiched it between all their horrible shit. It’s the sort of place you’d go to find refuge in when you have a horrible world outlook (that sees women as cattle and socialist book shops as a threat) and you eventually have to confine yourself to meaningless one night stands in which you constantly see the other sex as an adversary or ‘other’. Luke Nash-Jones is also trying to popularise the slogan “Make Britain Great Again”.

This cultural decay is asymptomatic of a deteriorating capitalism that provides less and less for it’s people (but shareholder value has never been better!). The ‘western values’ they constantly allude to as superior are ironically undermined by their existence as the right wing do not care about freedom of speech. Which is why their target of a niche bookstore in London says a thousand words.

As each passing year public services are slashed in the UK, corporate tax is reduced and the people are made poorer. This immiseration of whole sections of society is happening against a backdrop of a diseased culture of the morality of wealth and immorality of poverty. The UK is facing a housing crisis where 1 in 3 millenials will never own a home, where 30 percent of children (4.1 million children) in the UK are now in poverty and homelessness is skyrocketing. The future of UK capitalism looks grim. Caught between a United States that is gleefully waiting for a trade deal with the UK to worsen food standards and safety and Theresa May refusing to exclude the National Health Service contracts in a US trade deal means we could be living in the last days of the NHS that works outside of the realms of the free market. A bright future of staging a bank robbery to get healthcare in your old age. Or deciding which finger you want reattached depending on the cost.

Workers rights have been thrown into the bonfire of neoliberalism reform with zero hours contracts skyrocketing. Zero hours contracts make it almost impossible to plan your life as you don’t know how many hours of work you’ll be getting from one week to next. From 0 hours up to 40 hours. A recent study showed those working zero hours contracts had worse physical and mental health compared to those in fulltime employment.

With worsening living stands year on year some of us are looking at the economic system that does not work and does not provide a good standard of life for the majority of people. Others are looking at the “others” whether they be women or migrants or Jordan Petersons ramblings on“post-modern neo-marxists”.

The willing clad of lackey brown-shirts (red-hats?) are the latest exemplification of the disorganised, disorientated hooligans reacting to pressures they don’t comprehend and caught by simplistic emotional appeal of leaders who use them for their own ends and dispose of them when done.

But it is hard to take any of this seriously with the English in Trump masks and Make America Great Again hats. I don’t subscribe to the worldview of the ‘betas and alphas’ that so many on the right do but if I did my alarm bells would be ringing at the ‘daddy-Trump’ issues they seem to have.

As it goes: First as tragedy then as farce.

R S Ahthion is a geopolitical analyst living in the UK. The author’s work focuses on questions of social and international justice whose work has appeared in The Greanville Post. Never fails to be disgusted by capitalism. Spends his free time writing fiction, studying history, politics, ideology and philosophy.