Is Sharing Ethical?

Hear me out. I realize the idea of sharing may seem like a vulgarity to the sophisticated American mind, could rile a few people up. The mere suggestion of sharing without receiving something in return may tempt good capitalists of the world to spit on me in disgust, call me commie filth, and possibly launch a war against me – And maybe I have that coming, but just to play commie’s advocate for a moment I thought I’d address the extremely controversial idea of sharing.

On the surface and perhaps in reality sharing seems awful, the United States has an abundance of goods and resources acquired via financial shenanigans and strong arming third world countries; that’s a lot of lost profit potential if we were to start playing around with some rogue ‘ism. Not to mention the fact we’re not done maximizing our profits from when we brilliantly stole land from Native Americans via genocide, and if America doesn’t profit as much as possible off the land we stole It will mean that those indigenous people died for nothing.

While genocide is unfortunate it’s now abundantly clear that some acts of horror were a necessary evil for a country as great as ours to emerge. This kind of strength isn’t created from dancing around with a wolf on a prairie or doing some hokey ritual while all hopped up on peyote. Razor sharp American exceptionalism was forged by kicking ass and taking what’s rightfully ours, which is everything. Yippie-Ki-Yay. What didn’t kill us and/or completely wipe out indigenous people only served to make us stronger.

A little genocide here, bit of slavery there, a sprinkle of fabricating a war or four there, a soupçon of regime change in a dozen or so places, it all merely hardened our resolve to be the exceptionally great nation we are today. And we didn’t get this great by sharing things I can tell you that. Still, for argument’s sake let’s ask this, if a few wealthy elites control all the resources and the other lesser people have nothing, then would it be such a big deal for the elites to share? Would that not make them truly magnanimous benevolent gods? And is that not admirable?

But it’s obvious sharing causes murderous ideas in those who are lured into its dark web. There’s no other way to account for the gajillion or so deaths associated with ‘isms that want to share instead of profit. I don’t think for profit societies have ever done anything but set people free, so It’s pretty clear that it’s not a corrupt hierarchical system of government that led to all those deaths, but the nefarious inclinations to share things with the people that seems to lead directly to violence.

However what if we shared something and contained the urge to immediately kill after doing so. Now I understand the compulsion when one realizes the lost profits from sharing they feel like stabbing someone, but given the superiority of our elites, would it not be in their magnificent power to give things and then suppress the urge to then put people in breadlines or throw them in ovens and gulags?

And in the name of honest inquiry and objectivity, what if it was possible to just share the land together with all people? The people would still have to provide the labor to farm their own food and build shelter just as they do now, but what if the rich simply shared the land for the public to live upon without the people owing a government or wealthy elite something?

Could elites be tolerant enough to not immediately begin incarcerating and slaughtering people soon thereafter? They may feel morally inclined to go on a killing rampage after suffering through that kind of sharing, and it would probably be in their rights, but what if they suppressed the urge and like a martyr messiah they absorbed the pain for all of humanity and shared the land so the people can live sustainably on their own without interference from business or government interests.

Could that work?

However to answer these difficult questions we must first question our core ethics, and the righteous profit seeking heart must not be fooled into falling prey to emotional frailties when confronted with pathos which might induce the weaker minded of the flock to irresponsibly share. We know the strong are not sharers, they are takers. Further, sharing is a burden put upon our most beloved because they have more important things to do other than share. If all our dear elites did was share then all the stuff we rely on to live would be absent since the wealthy wouldn’t have time to deliver their divine spark of cash injections that fuels the entire economy. In fact, it’s counterproductive for elites to share because in doing so they’re neglecting their godly duty to profit off the work of others for the public good.

Our elites rest easy knowing that by the mere act of making money they are greatly helping the world. And there’s no questioning the value of their contributions, there’s a tacit understanding we’re nothing without our exceptional superstars, thus sharing more of their gains would mean stealing from our most cherished, and the rich would not be doing the world any favors by giving things away. Real world skills must be attained first before one is qualified to hold money and have access to things; this is the moral way.

In this regard our elites set a noble example, for they have efficiently cultivated only the most useful skills. For instance, elites have developed artisanal skills like lawyering, as the art of tricking people with words is invaluable in a capitalist social hierarchy. Elites also learned from a very early age the skill of being born wealthy, this is something the indolent impoverished types never think to learn and so they remain in their lowly states.

Another common skill the poor need to learn before they can ascend to a state worthy of material gain is how to remove that irritating gnawing empathy trigger that only weakens them. They have to learn to callously say one thing and do another. Learn how to be massive parasites accumulating incredible wealth via passive income and then shame people for not working hard enough for them. Don’t let those pangs of guilt get in the way just because you’re not lifting anything heavier than a pen signing contracts while others do the labor which you profit off of immensely. Dispose of that nagging guilt because the noble thing is always to take the most for yourself, which of course is also to the benefit of all of society.

The poor have not yet risen in moral regard, and so this makes it hard to reward them for their behaviors by sharing. We can clearly see how sharing is injurious to both parties in the exchange, as it’s well known that if you should share too much, the people will become dependent upon you and then you have to cage them or slaughter them to curve their malformed dependence. It’s sad really.

That’s why local police need tanks and military equipment these days, they have to be able to quell the crowds who have become reliant on sharing and demanding more of it. The super-predators of the world wish only to steal from our rulers, effectively biting the hand that feeds them. Unfortunately in such situations unruly corrupted people must be brought to heel so that order and profiteering can be restored.

In today’s age kids all think sharing is cool, as if healthcare, housing, and food should be given out freely rather than hoarded to maximize profits. Pro-sharing attitudes undermine our entire moral core, as parents to this day still naively teach their children how to share with other kids, and while being devout capitalists no less. This hypocrisy is induced through waves of sharing propaganda from liberal commies that attempt to confuse people with the facile idea that sharing is a kindness and creates equality, this of course is a fatal myopia which sets kids up to fail in the brutally competitive society which makes this country great.

Thus telling our kids fantastical things that won’t lead to their success is an abomination, like they are equal just for being alive or should have things they have not earned, this is an equality of outcome that is unacceptable in the world. If everyone had housing then how would people know who they were better than? I can easily identify a homeless person now, and that makes me feel like I accomplished something in the world whenever I have a place to lay my head for the night. But if everyone had a home then who would middle class people like me feel better than? Do you see the problem here? And why should everyone be granted land to live on like it was just here for them for free just because they were born on the planet, and why should people just have food as if it grew on trees?

Frankly kids and lefty commie types should be taken aside and put in a tiny box for wanting equality of outcomes, even on the playground. They have to learn the implications of sharing from an early age, as you don’t want the infection to spread.

When we see how sharing makes kids losers then how can we then say this practice is ethical? How can we say that just because someone is in dire need of something, even something that could save their life, that we should give it to them? If sharing is wrong on the playground then it only makes sense it’s wrong for adults to do as well, and we can’t keep trying to rationalize the behavior like this new wave of Democratic Socialists is attempting to do.

Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to be fond of sharing by the looks of her political platform. She wants things to be distributed to people who have not earned it, like housing, healthcare, and education. First, let’s question where this money would come from to provide these things, because it’s not as if governments or banks can just magically create money out of thin air through a whimsical fractional reserve banking system, which if such a thing existed would function a lot like a financial Ponzi scheme.

No, the money represented in computers is very real and can’t just be created or destroyed with a few keystrokes. We live in the real world Miss Ocasio-Cortez and money has to come from somewhere to pay for the food and shelter, we can’t just go bailing out every poor person who doesn’t have a place to sleep. And do not think for a moment we can possibly toy around with idea of cutting military spending to pay for such trivialities when there is so much money to be made by the military industrial complex off dropping bombs and selling our bombs to other countries. In America we don’t punish job creators just because we want to give things like housing and healthcare to people.

And I ask you, with socialist extreme sharing going on how will kids learn about suffering, and who just educates their kids for free? It’s disgusting. And don’t get me started on the travails of providing free medical care for every person who decides they want to jump off a building for a publicity stunt. If healthcare was free then everyone would be doing this and we’d quickly have a labor supply shortage of medical professionals.

The verity of the situation is this, there will always be discord until the people learn that they must be first exploited in grueling labor to cleanse them of any negative desires to share. They’ll never survive or be the fittest with such weak minded ideas of cooperation and sharing, and as I’ve already described, Americans didn’t get this great by sharing a thing.

In the end to ask if sharing is ethical it comes down to a simple axiom that rings true, why fix what ain’t broken? Our bold elite profiteers have provided us with clean air and water, a sustainable system of warfare to fuel cash to job creators in the industrial military complex, a reduced threat of being killed by polar bears, the GDP and financial markets are up along with wealth inequality meaning elites are doing great and the money is going right where it needs to, and a world nearing world peace in an egalitarian society all brought forth by elites who stood their ground and firmly refused to share despite the naive outcries for humane treatment by the puerile masses. Elites simply knew what was right and wrong by what made the most money, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing our leaders always land on the right side of history each time they choose to profiteer rather than share. So what could sharing possibly do but incite violence and chaos into a perfectly functioning system? The answer is clear.