On Universities and NATO’s War Drums: How Deep Does the Corruption Go? 

It is coming clear these days that university professors are increasingly fat-cat and lazy, not doing any research once they get tenure. It is a system-wide corruption of the academy, so entrenched that central administrations have only led the corruption in multiplying salaries and offices with no committed function to advancement of learning and dissemination of knowledge – the constitutional and statutory objective of the academy the best are devoted to everywhere.

This deep-structural degeneration is not confined to any one place or region. Regular contacts from other universities report a similar decadence. The solution is straightforward, but unspoken: (1) to require a condition of tenure performance equivalent every three years to the PhD degree that got the job in the first placeand (2) to set a ceiling on all faculty salaries at $110,000 for faculty and, at most, a ministerial level for presidents.Now bizarrely top-heavy universities ignore this constitutional and statutory objective at will to fund the top over the bottom with no limit of extremes. This institutional degeneration is global in reach.

The solution to this corporate decadence is:  (1) to require a condition of tenure performance equivalent every three years to the PhD degree that got the job in the first place; and (2) to set a ceiling on all faculty salaries and administrative salaries at a ministerial level at most. In the past this would have been very generous remuneration for a far more robust research faculty, and today it would save taxpayers a huge amount while preventing the feeding frenzy at the top that has gone on without limit since the corporatization of the university began.

What is little noticed is the long plan. It is to defund the university and commodify all higher research; overpay tenured professors to buy them off; multiply central-admin salaries and office retinues to enforce the plan; and casualize 60% of the teaching for a new precariat of PhD’s paid a fraction of the salary of professors doing no more research than the bottom level are. No-one not lying today can or will deny it.

The Unasked Question

“How deep does the corruption of knowledge go?”is an unasked question.  Yet ever more hair-raising and ignored evidence of the nazification of even Canada’s liberal governance comes to light, led by Richard Sanders of Project Conversion.

It all began with mass immigration into Canada of Nazi loyalists from Ukraine to overwhelm the actively progressive smaller numbers of earlier Ukraine-Canadians. It now runs to the top of Canada in hate-Russia politics led by a Foreign Minister descended from a ‘freedom-loving’ grandfather who was, in fact, the lead Nazi propagandist from the Ukraine in World War 2.

I wonder how many of us you saw the very recent news clip where PM Trudeau was backing Chrystia Freeland (her Canadian name) on Russia “interfering in Canada’s democracy” (March 4  CBC news). Young Trudeau unbelievably proclaimed that this Russian interference in Canada’s democracy was proven by attacks on Minister ‘Freeland’ with “scurrilous falsehoods about her background” As well reported outside the Ottawa bubble, these “scurrilous attacks by Russia” and “interferences in Canada’s democracy” were in fact reported by Canada’s establishment newspaper of record, the Globe and Mailas well as across the country in informed internet journals.

When the pleasant PM of Canada joins the Russia-hating propaganda unknowing of and concealing all the facts, it would be a grave mistake to ascribe this to merely his shallowness of knowledge. The deep concern arising among the informed is that all this hate-Russia propaganda is leading towards a more heinous outcome. Observe that the current hate-Riussia atrocity story is based on the alleged poisoning of a Russia double agent. Few notice that the claims of evidence would be swiftly thrown out of a court of law; that the claims persist despite further reports of their concoction from British Porton Down laboratory of chemical weapons research itself; and that the whole hysteria has carried on at the headline level with no-one in Canada’s mass-media or government communications ever raising the issue of cui bono?as May’s Brexit government staggers from one failure and lie to the next, clearly desperate for the old Enemy distraction. Even the deaths of the double-agent spy victims was false news. One would be ignore-ant indeed not to see the convenient but criminal war preparations and propaganda unfolding again with NATO ever upping the ante of the war motions that never stop.

As always since 2000 and before, the US-led NATO war-making is based on demonstrably false pretexts, and is aimed at war for rich resources and territory by force of arms, big lies and horrific ruin of yet another formerly prosperous society with a well-developed, socially owned social infrastructure and huge natural resources for the taking – as in Yugoslavia, as in Iraq, as In Libya, and as in Ukraine since the fully documented US-and-neo-Nazi led mass-murderous coup of Ukraine’s elected federal government of 2014.

Yet ignore-ance can be so well dinned into the public mind by selected and repressed facts that people can be made to believe – even inside Science for Peace – that the uprising of the Russia-speaking East of Ukraine against the US-neo-Nazi coup was a Putin-made aggression, although he in fact refused the call of the newly forming republics to join Russia, thus preventing war. Still many people can be made to also believe that Russia’s traditional territory for two centuries, the Crimea, was forcefully seized in complete disconnection from the centuries past of Russia’s territory, as well as  total erasure of the mainly Russian-speaking Crimean people’s overwhelming and peaceful referendum in favour of this action after the US-orchestrated neo-Nazi coup and return of Nazi symbols, military insignia, and mass-murderous actions  had run amok – as in the police-allowed burning 137 people alive inside a trade-union building in Odessa.

Genocidal Bombing Again as ‘Peace and Freedom’

The stakes have kept getting higher since 2000 in selecting out all the facts, demonizing Russia as Ukrainian Nazi incubi still do, piling big-lie propaganda onto big-lie hate and propaganda as in the past with Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, and the vast natural, agricultural and fossil fuel treasure to be taken by the new war in the making of NATO bombing as “freedom and humanitarian Intervention” against a “barbarous despot” and “enemy of peace”.

Attention must be paid to the staggering reverse projections auto-limned in corporate state and press propaganda as the war drums build towards the great rape and destruction of yet another poorer society and people – with living conditions better beyond compare before the blanket bombing by NATO in the name of “civilisation” begins yet again. The now near-20 years of proof that the hate-propaganda and bombing only achieves the Nazi-style destruction and war grab of everything the non-capitalist socialist society had before, is now ignored far longer than the Nazi interregnum itself.  Once again the horror is building step by step of absurd pretexts and cover-ups to destroy and take another, even larger society within Europe itself while  Russia and Trump are the feature bad news.

Now we even have the Nazi-descended Foreign Minister in Canada proclaiming false news of hate and an elementary drama-school teacher as the Prime Minister willing to go along with whatever script he is given – behind which is a very powerful vote-bank and force of descended Nazi loyalists from Ukraine pulling strings across generations since 1945.

Together the war-mongers for profit and huge natural resources of other societies and peoples are cooking up what US-led EU-corporate NATO has been drumming for since its rapid movement East against all promises into the ex-USSR through Ukraine, now up to Russia’s borders in vast-kill military forces seeking to incite war with more ludicrous pretexts than ever. It all started when Russia rationally reacted to the mass-murderous neo-Nazi coup of 2014 that was set in motion to grab the whole of Russia-speaking Ukraine and Crimea in one fell swoop of ‘freedom’. Putin’s greatest crime here has been to defend Russian-speaking traditional territories from the new corporate globalist Lebensraum that destroys and devours whole societies alive one after the other.

Now NATO’s inside anti-Russia Foreign Minister is sufficiently fanatic to declare “Russia’s interference in Canada’s democracy” with PM Trudeau support. In fact, the  Nazi background Foreign Minister ‘Chrystia Freeland’ (her Canadian name) was finally communicated to the public by the press of Canada after being covered up for so long.  And who knew before this that the very Chancellor of the University of Alberta (1982-1986) was a veteran of the Nazi Waffen SS  and leader of the Alberta Conservative Party?  One sees here just how far inside Canada’s governancethe Nazi connections go, now even to the Foreign Minister telling the PM hate-Russia lies that he publicly repeats.

In spite of this hate-propaganda revel let loose in 2018 to finish the 2014 job of seizing Ukraine by war crimes, all of the long-concealed and evil-spelling facts have an up-sideonce people know them. They can lead to wake-up from collaboration with the greatest war-criminal machine in history, NATO, whose foreign intelligence on Russia from the beginning was 75% based on Nazi SS spy dossiers who escaped punishment to wealth and military position in exchange for this invaluable information and capacity to attack East from 1945 on.

Withdrawal from NATO the overdue Stand for Peace

Life-coherent reason might even recognise that Canada’s withdrawal from NATO is essential to protect world peace and prevent war, as well as to avoid support of and complicity in NATO’s post-2000 string of eco-genocidal wars of criminal aggression against defenceless societies without aerial combat capacities against saturation NATO bombing of their evolved social infrastructures and productive means of life.

Withdrawal from NaNATO is what Sweden, Austria, Finland, and Ireland have already done, as well as Australia and New Zealand who do not want to join NATO because it will bomb anywhere under any pretext. Canada is moreover not  exposed to attack from any foreign enemy since it is already in NORAD that is ready to bomb any real or imagined threat to Canada, “chomping at the bit” reported a visiting cabinet minister to me.  By being in NATO, most deeply, Canada becomes an aggressor nationalong with the US, the UK and France now all hardened to eco-genocidal wars for criminal corporate looting thousands of miles away from their borders – wars in which Canada already participates despite official claims to the contrary of ‘peace-maker’. Who connects them? Yugoslavia , Libya and Iraq and significantly Afghanistan have already been so attacked with Canada’s backroom assistance in this new century with sweeping concealment of the facts. All need to ask: GIVEN NATO’S ONGOING RECORD OF ECOGENOCIDE, WHY IS CANADA IN NATO?

Who Wants to Abet More War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity?

Not many people want to continue to aid and abet crimes against humanity and war crimes behind big lies launched against weaker nations with fabulous resources to loot. A former head of Canada’s armed forces, General Rick Hillier, has already explained the eco-genocidal bombing – here of Libya – without any official disagreement with his supreme crime adage: “We do it because we can”. This has been exactly what we have been doing as Canada before and since, with even legendary Science for Peace fronting for NATO to cover up the reality of Ukraine’s murderous overthrow of an elected federalist government with reverse accusation of Russia for the civil war thus caused.

Canada’s implicitly neo-nazi policy has already led us to aid and abetment of a war-criminal regime in Ukraine coming ever closer to another  case of genocide by UN definition. Yet knowledge always wins in the long run – even if the corruption of the university at the top looms ever deeper at the same time as the big-lie NATO war machine warms up for another US-UK-EU led criminal war of aggression in Ukraine “against Russia aggression” and “for peace”. This time the facts will not allow the ultimate crime and corruption to proceed. People increasingly understand that knowledge is the ultimate duty to humanity’s life future – once they see throughthe prism of now-Russia hate to enable more NATO transnational corporate wars for military despoliation and massive resource and market looting in strategic position for more country-size contracts for profit and wars to come for ever more.

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John McMurtry is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada whose work is translated from Latin America to Japan. He is the author of the three-volume Philosophy and World Problems published by UNESCO’s Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), and his most recent book is The Cancer Stage of Capitalism: from Crisis to Cure.

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